The Civil Guard finds more than a hundred electrocuted birds

This is the first operation of Seprona to prevent the death of birds in power lines

It has been carried out between October 2018 and May this year, and has concluded with a total of 107 complaints after more than 350 inspections

Among the birds found, there are specimens of protected species such as the eagle owl, the golden eagle or the Leonardo vulture

The Civil Guard has found a total of 120 birds electrocuted in the first campaign of the Seprona against the death of birds in power lines. This is a special operation launched between October last year and May this year.

After carrying out more than 350 inspections, the Civil Guard has filed a total of 107 complaints for irregularities related to the protection of birds against collision and electrocution in high voltage power lines. In addition, criminal proceedings are open for five wildlife crimes.

Among the protected species found, Seprona has identified 33 specimens of eagle owl -bubo bubo-, 19 of golden eagle -aquila chrysaetos-, 17 of griffon vulture -gyps fulvus- and six of Iberian imperial eagle -aquila adalberti-.
Among the actions carried out, the finding of 44 electrocuted birds in an Albacete farm listed as a zone of special protection stands out. The Office of the Environment and Urban Planning has already initiated criminal proceedings for these events.

Crime against wildlife

According to official data, thousands of bird deaths due to collision or electrocution in power lines are registered every year in Spain, constituting the main cause of death of some species that have the highest degree of protection according to the Spanish Catalog of Endangered Species.
After the reform of the Criminal Code of 2015, these types of events are contemplated in the crime against natural resources and the environment provided for in article 326 bis and in the crime against wildlife provided for in article 334, in relation to killing to wildlife protected species due to serious imprudence.
“Fulgor” is part of the LIFE Project of the European Union “Guardians of Nature” against illegal trafficking of protected species, of which Seprona is a part.

Awareness work

The inspection activity carried out has generated a considerable deterrent effect, since corrective measures have been implemented in many of the inspected lines. For its part, the autonomous administrations are requesting the requirements of rectification and adaptation of power lines to their owners.
Finally, it is necessary to highlight the informative and awareness work carried out by the civil guards of Seprona, who have promoted a change of mentality on this issue.
Seprona agents have participated in the operation, supported by Civil Guard units of the Civil Guard. They have also had the collaboration of the Office of the Environment and Urban Planning, the Ministry for Ecological Transition, and other protectionist organizations such as the Rehabilitation Group of the Native Fauna and its Habitat (GREFA) and the Spanish Ornithological Society ( SEO / BIRDLIFE).


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