The Civil Guard has almost 3,000 troops that make up its NRBQ system "Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical"

The General Director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, visited the CBRN Technical Unit, integrated into the Explosives Deactivation and CBRN Corps Service, this morning.

The Civil Guard has had a CBRN Defense System since 2001, which aims to guarantee the coordinated technical response of the Corps Units in the event of any type of incident or threat of a nuclear, radiological, biological or chemical nature.

The 54 Civil Guard Commandos (Usecic), 10 First Intervention Units (8 Reserve and Security Groups-GRS-, the GAR- and the Protection and Security Unit- participate in this system, to the extent of their competences. Uprose) and, at the central level, the CBRN Technical Unit, in charge of giving coherence to the system. They are also responsible for the instruction and training of specialists and the CBRN material that is distributed to the units.

In this way, in all the Corps Commandos there are personnel with the appropriate qualifications and have intervention and protection material that provides them with capabilities that, if necessary, are successively supported by the Reserve Units and, ultimately, by specialists from the aforementioned CBRN Technical Unit. With all this, a System of almost 3,000 specialists is created, equipped with protective material and with training that allows them to quickly take action, as has been revealed during the State of Alarm.

Among the activities they have been carrying out during these months are the transfer of prisoners or detainees with possible COVID-19, delivery of notifications to people who may be infected, support for different units of the Corps such as the Judicial Police, Seprona, and the Sanitary Service for carrying out detection test for members of the Civil Guard, etc.

On the other hand, the CBRN Units, due to their endowment material, have disinfection capabilities, which have allowed not only to carry out actions in the field of the Civil Guard, but also in support of other groups such as Health Centers and Nursing Homes, having been performed almost 800 performances.

María Gámez has been able to see first-hand a Unit that is being fundamental at the moment and, for this reason, she has thanked them for the enormous effort they are making to support all the units of the Civil Guard that request their support in these weeks and have The CBRN System of the Body has been valued because this organization by layers, central and peripheral, has made it possible for our response to be immediate and in accordance with the needs that have arisen in record time.


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