The Civil Guard has arrested nine people for causing 11 fires in the provinces of Lugo, Ávila, Gran Canaria, León, Castellón and Cáceres

In the 11 fires the man's hand intervened and most were caused by gross negligence while doing field work

One of the people arrested in Lugo is considered the intended author of at least 6 forest fires

The Civil Guard, in the framework of its campaign against forest fires in summer, has arrested nine people for intentionally or negligently causing 11 forest fires in the provinces of Lugo, Ávila, Gran Canaria, León, Castellón and Cáceres

The most serious forest fire was that caused on the Island of Gran Canaria, affected about 1,500 hectares -230 belonging to the Natura 2000 Network-, and hundreds of people had to be evacuated.
One of the detainees in Lugo, considered an intentional author of at least 6 forest fires, would have caused the fire with the aim of maintaining an extinction catch in the area that he himself had belonged in previous campaigns.

The human factor, behind most forest fires

The study and analysis of the fire data of the last 15 years has shown that most forest fires are linked to the human factor, either by the work of an arsonist or derived from negligence in the use of fire, being very The incidence of natural causes is small or almost zero.
Of the claims known to the Civil Guard in the first six months of this year 2019, the human factor was behind more than 98% of the total claims. The number of forest fires caused by serious negligence while performing tasks in the field, agricultural work, use of machinery, has increased considerably.

"Guardians of nature against environmental crime"

These operations are framed within the specific ones for the reduction of crimes against wildlife and destruction of habitat, as well as for the clarification of criminal responsibility in these types of crimes, provided by the LIFE Project of the European Union “Guardians of Nature against environmental crime ”, coordinated by the NGO SEO Birdlife, and in which the Civil Guard Nature Protection Service participates as a beneficiary partner.
Integral police investigation is important in the fight against these types of accidents, as well as the collaboration of the different actors involved in the investigation, a drama whose environmental importance and the safety of people is enormous.
The police and criminal investigation of forest fires becomes a fundamental instrument to tackle the origin of this problem, since it allows the courts to give evidence to purge the responsibilities derived from their authorship. This investigation, on the other hand, constitutes one of the most effective for its prevention, since it generates a deterrent effect on the arsonist and the negligent conduct of the rest of the citizens.
For more information, please contact the Peripheral Communication Office (OPC) of the Headquarters of the SEPRONA Civil Guard, telephone 646449775.


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