The Civil Guard has carried out more than 2300 visits to residences and senior centers

These visits, carried out yesterday, have focused on interviews with the staff responsible for nursing homes and centers to find out the situation of the elderly and their needs.

Agents have visited residences located in 1,709 locations in Spain

The Civil Guard, yesterday, carried out 2,346 interviews with personnel responsible for nursing homes and senior centers scattered throughout 1,709 localities in the national territory to find out their situation and the needs of older people.

Among the actions related to the State of Alarm, the almost 10,000 patrols that yesterday provided services, focused not only on monitoring compliance with the limitations referred to in the Royal Decree, but also on helping the most disadvantaged groups , such as older people residing in rural areas of our country.

Major Security Plan

This Plan is aimed at preventing and improving the safety of our elders.

The objective of the Plan is to Prevent the main threats detected for the safety of the elderly. Likewise, the Security Forces and Corps establish communication and collaboration mechanisms with the environment of the elderly (professionals at the service of the centers visited, family members, associations of the elderly, etc …), arranging with them meetings in the that police experts can offer technical assistance and support.

Likewise, the agents establish stable channels of communication and collaboration with those organizations and entities involved in the safety of our elders or with the capacity for the early detection of situations of risk or crime.

It is, on the one hand, to provide them with information and guidance on the security problems of the elderly that affect these entities in their professional work and, on the other hand, to seek their collaboration in the prompt reporting of possible crimes and in the identification of criminal patterns and trends.

For more information you can contact the Press Office of the Civil Guard on the phone 915016010.


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