The Civil Guard helps a marriage in Córdoba by bringing them the medication they need

The daughter of the couple – aged 85 and 83 – was the one who called 062 to report the urgency

The patrol went to the nearest pharmacy and took the medication to the home of these two elderly people in La Montiela-Santaella (Córdoba)

The Civil Guard pays priority attention to the elderly, within the Greater Security Plan, as well as other vulnerable groups

The Civil Guard has had to help a couple in Córdoba – aged 85 and 83 – taking the medication they need to their homes. These two elderly people live in an isolated rural area of ​​La Montiel-Santaella (Córdoba).

It was her daughter, a resident of another Cordovan town, who alerted 062 of the urgency that her parents required as they did not have the means to go to the pharmacy.
After interviewing these two people, the citizen security patrol went to the local pharmacy, where they took over the prescribed medications.
The Civil Guard maintains close contact with pharmacy staff, especially those in the smallest towns, in case they need any kind of help, especially everything that our elders require.
For this, interviews are being carried out with pharmacists, to be interested in the status of the elderly, monitoring, control and distribution of medications, with special attention to those who live alone or in more isolated areas.
For more information you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard of Córdoba, telephone 957 414111, ext. 2222.


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