The Civil Guard helps a walking child lost by the A-1

The boy had lost himself when he got out of the car at a service station near Burgos and his parents had continued the trip to Morocco without noticing his absence

The Civil Guard has helped a child under 10 years of age and of Moroccan nationality, who had lost himself when he got out of his parents' vehicle when they stopped at an A-1 service station. The parents continued traveling to Morocco without noticing the lack of the child.

On the 18th day at 6:15 a.m. a French-registered tourist in which a family of Maghreb origin residing in France and traveling to Morocco was traveling, stopped at a service area located in Madrigalejo del Monte (Burgos) , on the A-1, direction Madrid.

The father got out of the vehicle to rest, not realizing that the younger son also did it, continuing the march moments later leaving the child in the service area.

The minor, being left alone and disoriented, walked along the A-1 highway towards Madrid until he was picked up by the driver of a truck, which approached him to the service area of ​​Villalmanzo (Burgos) giving notice to the Civil Guard.

A patrol of the Civil Guard came to the place, and given one of its components spoke French, he was able to communicate with the boy, who did not remember the phone number of any family member or the license plate of the vehicle.

They then began negotiations with the Irún Police Coordination Center (CCPA), and it was possible to find out their place of residence and the College where they studied, through which their parents' phone number was obtained.

After contacting the parents, who had not noticed the lack of the child and were already close to Madrid, they were informed of the situation to reassure them and returned to pick up their son.

During the time that the child remained in Burgos, he was attended by civilian civil security guards, and the women's and children's care team (EMUME) of the UOPJ of the Comandancia de Burgos.

The boy was very grateful to the love and support of the civil guards, to the point that he wrote an emotional letter of thanks with a drawing.

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For more information contact O.P.C. of Comandancia de Burgos, phones 947244853, 947244664 and mobiles 639300526, 669872112.


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