The Civil Guard helps an elderly woman who had suffered a fall inside her home

The husband asked the agents for help, who quickly accessed the interior of the building and helped the woman who was lying in the courtyard of the house.

The Civil Guard pays priority attention to the elderly, within the Greater Security Plan, as well as other vulnerable groups

The Civil Guard has helped in La Rambla (Córdoba) an elderly woman (73 years old) who was on the floor of the patio of her home, unable to get up.
The husband of this woman, who was in a great state of nervousness, asked the Civil Guard patrol for help, since his wife was in the courtyard of the house without being able to get up. Immediately, after accessing the civil guards inside the house, they found the woman lying face down on the ground, totally disoriented.
Given this, while the aforementioned lady was being helped, the health services were requested through the Central Operativa de Servicios (COS), from the Comandancia, who, after coming to the home, transferred the woman to the Reina Sofía Hospital in this city. capital, where it was entered.
The relatives of the person helped, showed their appreciation to the Civil Guards for the help provided.
From the Civil Guard, regular contacts are maintained in the different towns of the province, to take an interest in the most urgent needs of our elders and of the most disadvantaged families.
For more information you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard of Córdoba, telephone 957 414111, ext. 2222 or 696971007.


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