The Civil Guard helps in Zaragoza a person lying on a road and with symptoms of coronavirus

This person was lying on the ground, out of the road, disoriented and with symptoms of possible infection by COVID19

He was provided with a mask and gloves until the arrival of a medical ambulance for his transfer to a hospital in the capital

The Civil Guard has helped a person who was lying on the ground on a road near Zaragoza, and had symptoms of COVID 19 infection.

At 09.35 hours yesterday, agents belonging to the Traffic Sector of the Civil Guard of Zaragoza, received notice from several drivers, communicating the presence of a person wandering along the CV624 highway, La Cartuja municipality. Upon arrival at the scene, the agents located a man lying on the ground outside the roadway, who was disoriented and with symptoms compatible with a possible COVID19 infection. In this situation, the Civil Guard provided this person with a mask and gloves and contacted 112 to communicate what had happened, initiating the action protocol in these cases.
Later, this man, a 38-year-old homeless person, was taken by medical ambulance to the Miguel Servet Hospital in Zaragoza, where he was assisted by health personnel, proving to be positive for coronavirus.
For any doubt or clarification regarding the content of this note, you should contact the Civil Guard Peripheral Communication Office in Zaragoza, telephone 696 95 77 82


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