The Civil Guard improves the protection of pilgrims in all sections of the Camino de Santiago thanks to ALERTCOPS

The Civil Guard extends the Guardian function of the ALERTCOPS application with all the Jacobean Routes

The xacobeo holy year 2021 will have more than 4,000 kilometers of the Camino protected online by the Civil Guard

Within the framework of the existing collaboration between the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Jacobean Council and the Association of Municipalities of the French Way of Santiago, the Benemérito Corps of the Civil Guard reinforces the security of the pilgrims by incorporating the digitized territorial demarcation of the Civil Guard over more than 4,000 kilometers in the ALERTCOPS application of the Ministry of the Interior.

In the context of the new normal due to the Covid-19 health crisis, the Civil Guard continues to watch over the pilgrim through its Jacobean Security Plan through innovation in security matters offered by new technologies. With this, the Civil Guard is consolidated as the Guardian of the Camino de Santiago.

With this vocation of service, the Civil Guard has improved the Guardian of the Camino de Santiago functionality in the ALERTCOPS application in all the Jacobean Routes that make up the Camino de Santiago at the national level. Thus, to the already existing French Way of Santiago and Mozarabic Way, the Galician Ways, North Ways and the Central Ways-Vía de la Plata have been added, totaling almost 4,000 kilometers.
The well-known app of the Ministry of the Interior will thus offer comprehensive coverage of the entire route of the Camino de Santiago in the territorial demarcation of the Civil Guard, allowing the pilgrim who wishes to (after downloading and activating the Guardian) access to the aforementioned functionality, which will provide you with services such as 24/7 attention from the operational service centers, verification of your last 10 geo-positioning in case of loss as well as calls and alerts located in real time to 062, all in an environment available in 7 languages . Likewise, pilgrims will receive a geopositioned message welcoming the Camino with security advice when accessing the territorial demarcation of the Civil Guard that runs along the Camino de Santiago.
All of this as a substantial improvement in the attention and service to the citizen by the Benemérita, the main public security force in this popular spiritual and tourist itinerary, which in 2021 will be celebrated as ‘Xacobeo Year’.
It is also recalled that on its institutional website the Civil Guard makes available to citizens a series of safety tips and recommendations related to the Camino de Santiago, among which is the Decalogue on uses and tips for the good pilgrim.


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