The Civil Guard in collaboration with the public health authorities seizes more than 122,000 kilos of meat products

They labeled and used false traceability of meat products to hide and whiten expired and / or unusable items

More than 122,000 kilos of different meat products have been intervened and 14 people have been arrested and another 2 investigated in the provinces of Madrid, Toledo and Malaga

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the "PITANZA" operation, has arrested 14 people and investigated another two for the handling, labeling and distribution of expired and / or in poor condition meat products that were in several meat companies located in the provinces of Madrid, Toledo and Malaga.
The development of the investigation allowed to know that a group of companies dedicated to the distribution of meat products nationwide operated from department stores and from where their products were sent to their customers, screening and blanching meat batches.
10 companies have been inspected and a warehouse has been sealed from where these labeling handling practices were carried out, modification of packaging and freezing dates, and from where the products were derived once manipulated, to the logistics centers of distribution for later distribution to customers.
The inspection and closure of this illegal ship occurred after finding out that a batch of products with false labels from a company investigated in Malaga was being manipulated and changed.
More than 122,000 kilograms of different meat products have been immobilized, mainly frozen chicken, beef, pork and rabbit in various joint actions with staff from the Madrid Health autonomous body of the Madrid City Council and the General Sub-Directorate of Hygiene, Food Safety and Environment of the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid, in addition to their counterparts from the Junta de Andalucía and the JCCM in the provinces of Madrid, Toledo, Córdoba, Coruña and Málaga.
For all these reasons, 14 people have been arrested and another 2 investigated in Madrid, Getafe, Toledo and Malaga. They are charged with crimes related to food safety and quality, belonging to a criminal group, crimes of fraud, forgery and against industrial property.
The operation was carried out by agents belonging to SEPRONA of the Madrid Civil Guard Command.


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