The Civil Guard installs a modular store in Calahorra (La Rioja) to carry out COVID19 tests on vehicles

The store was assembled by members of the Rapid Action Group (GAR)

The Civil Guard has proceeded to install a modular store in the Fundación Hospital of Calahorra in La Rioja to carry out rapid tests of the COVID19 on vehicles.

The Fundación de Calahorra La Rioja hospital urgently asked the X Zone of La Rioja-Logroño if they had a large modular store to carry out rapid tests on COVID 19 vehicles. By arranging the GAR Unit of said store with the approval of the Government Delegation and the Health Service, it was assembled.
For this reason, the agents moved to the town of Calahorra, and after analyzing the site so that the vehicles could pass and the health personnel were protected, the large modular store was installed to start the tests as soon as possible.

It should be noted that the installation was carried out in an hour and a half, receiving thanks for the promptness of the health personnel.


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