The Civil Guard intercepts a vehicle with about 700 kilos of hashish

The two occupants of the vehicle have been detained, who in their attempt to escape rammed the official vehicle occupied by three agents, which have resulted in injuries of varying degrees.

The vehicle had been detected when loading from a semi-rigid boat in San Roque (Cádiz)

The Civil Guard has managed to intercept a large-cylinder vehicle that was transporting about 25 bales with approximately 700 kilos of hashish.

This vehicle, which had been sighted in the course of a surveillance device established by the Civil Guard on the coast when carrying out the load that was being supplied by a semi-rigid boat in the area of ​​La Urca, in the town of San Roque ( Cadiz).

In its flight through the N-340 towards Algeciras, this suspicious vehicle has rammed a camouflaged official vehicle that participated in the arrest operation, causing various injuries to the three occupying agents.
Agents from the Civil Guard Command of Algeciras and Malaga, the GAR, CCON and OCON-SUR Units of the Civil Guard participated in the operation.


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