The Civil Guard interrupts a private party in which more than 20 people congregated

In the action, in which two officers were slightly injured, five people have been arrested

Those attending the party came to raise a barricade to prevent the access of the agents, shouting "what a pandemic they defend, they are slaves of a government, a fucking pandemic …"

The Civil Guard has proceeded to the arrest of five people as alleged perpetrators of the crimes of resistance and disobedience to an agent of the authority and to denounce 8 people for breach of the Covid-19 regulations when they were celebrating a private party in a house located in el Cotillo, La Oliva (Fuerteventura) with a capacity of more than 20 people.

The performance took place, after receiving notice from an individual who alerted of the celebration of a party with a significant number of attendees in a town located in the town of El Cotillo, for which a Civil Guard patrol traveled to the place from Corralejo who observed colored lights and music that came from a house.
When the agents tried to inform those present, adults in the company of their minor children, that the concentration should be dissolved, taking into account the containment measures of Covil-19, they received threats and verbal attacks to make them leave the place claiming that everything the land was private, in addition to throwing stones that hit the police vehicle. Likewise, they even stacked a table and chairs as a barricade in the access road to prevent the access of the civil guards. The concentrates shouted such as "where is freedom", "what a pandemic they defend, they are slaves of a government, a shitty pandemic …"
Given the hostility of these people, several Civil Guard patrols traveled to the place and were able to control the situation of public disorder generated, proceeding to the arrest of five people, four men and one woman, as alleged perpetrators of resistance crimes. and disobedience to a law enforcement officer, resulting in two of the civil guards who intervened with minor injuries, in addition to various damage to one of the official vehicles and police equipment. In addition, 8 of the attendees were reported for breach of Covid-19 measures.
On the other hand, a part of those present, before the arrival of the reinforcements requested by the first acting patrol, fled the place, although there is the number of the registration plates of the vehicles parked in the vicinity of the house at first, so new denounced are not ruled out.
The detainees will be placed at the disposal of the Investigating Court acting as guard of Puerto del Rosario.


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