The Civil Guard intervenes 6,000 marijuana plants, the largest amount in the same operation in the province of Toledo

They hid a plantation in an attic of the house, which was accessed through a false door in a wall hidden behind a closet

Eleven people have been detained in eight entrances and house searches, seven marijuana plantations, a drying room and two warehouses have been dismantled

In addition, 205 kilos of buds, small doses of hashish and cocaine, six bladed weapons and a semi-rigid defense have been seized, among other effects.

The Civil Guard has arrested eleven people, six men and four women, aged between 26 and 48 years, and a minor, as alleged perpetrators of a total of 19 crimes forming a criminal network dedicated to the trafficking of marijuana in the province of Toledo.

The Civil Guard began this operation in mid-April in order to provide a police response to drug trafficking and consumption in the province. As a result, throughout these months, eight entries and searches have been made at homes in the towns of Novés, Rielves, Chozas de Canales and Yuncos, managing to dismantle seven marijuana plantations, a drying room and two warehouses.

These interventions have managed to seize 5,934 marijuana plants, 205 kilos of buds packed and ready for distribution, 499 grams of pollen, small amounts of other drugs such as hashish and cocacine, and even six bladed weapons such as machetes and katanas, and a semi-rigid leather fender.

A group organized and distributed by the province

This criminal network operated in several towns in the province of Toledo, using various addresses for the cultivation of indoor marijuana plantations and other properties such as drying rooms and drug warehouses until they were able to put it on the market.

The first performance took place on April 15 in the town of Novés. There, two first house searches were carried out, seizing 2,387 plants and dismantling two production centers.

Also in the same town, on July 29, agents searched two homes in which two men and a woman were detained, in addition to seizing 3,147 marijuana plants and dismantling the entire infrastructure and a warehouse. In one of those searches, the criminals hid a plantation in an attic of the house, having created a false access door through a wall, being hidden by covering it with a closet.

Continuing with the investigations, on August 17 there were two simultaneous entries in Yuncos and again in Novés, this time managing to dismantle a warehouse and drying room where all the cultivated drugs were destined, detaining two men and two women as managers of their custody.

The last phase of Operation Milsives was completed on August 26 in Chozas de Canales and Rielves, where the Civil Guard once again found two facilities with 400 plants, as well as packages of buds and chopped marijuana prepared for distribution and sale, leading to carried out the arrest of two men, a woman and a minor.

19 crimes and eleven detainees

After the eight entries and searches made, it was possible to arrest ten people of legal age, six men and four women, with ages between 26 and 48 years and Spanish, Moroccan, Colombian and Dominican nationalities, being made available to the Courts of First Instance and Instruction nº1 and nº3 of Torrijos, and a minor who was placed at the disposal of the Juvenile Prosecutor's Office.

In total, they are charged with 19 crimes: eight crimes against public health for drug trafficking or cultivation and production of narcotics, one crime of belonging to a criminal group, eight crimes of fraud of electricity, one crime of fraud of water and one crime of usurpation of property, in addition to having a judicial inquiry in force against one of them.

Among all the interventions, 5,934 marijuana plants in an advanced stage of flowering have been intervened, 205 kilos of buds vacuum packed and ready for distribution, 499 grams of pollen, small amounts of various drugs including hashish and cocaine, six knives such as machetes and katanas, a semi-rigid leather defense, five mobile phones, several walkie-talkies, and numerous material used for the production, cultivation, drying and packaging worth more than 300,000 euros.

Operation Milsives has been carried out by the Organized Crime and Anti-Drug Team of the Organic Unit of Judicial Police of the Civil Guard of Toledo, with the support of the Citizen Security Unit of the Toledo Command, the Reserve Group and Security nº1 of Madrid and the Cynological Service of Toledo and Madrid.

For more information, you can contact the OPC of the Toledo Command at the telephone numbers 925 225 900 ext: 237 or 683 647 072.


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