The Civil Guard intervenes in a farm 22 dogs in deplorable conditions and finds cadaverous remains of another 7

The animals were in deplorable hygienic sanitary conditions, surrounded by excrement, without the mandatory treatments or vaccines and without the relevant documentation.

They have been transferred to a reception center in the Community of Madrid, to treat them for the various serious pathologies they suffered.

The Civil Guard has intervened in a farm in the Madrid town of Ambite de Tajuña 22 dogs that were in deplorable conditions and has found cadaverous remains of another 7. Two people have been investigated, of Spanish nationality and 64 and 63 years respectively , for a continuing crime of animal abuse.

The events took place on 20 November when agents of the Seprona de Rivas Vaciamadrid, in collaboration with staff from the Department of the Environment of the Community of Madrid and the Ambite City Council, carried out an inspection on the farm where the animals were found.
Inside it the agents found 22 dogs of the Hound, Alano, and Labrador breeds, which were in deplorable hygienic-sanitary conditions. They were permanently locked up in improper facilities, surrounded by a large amount of feces and urine, without mandatory veterinary treatment and without the regulatory documentation.
Likewise, in a well and in a chest of the aforementioned farm, the agents found seven canine corpses in an advanced state of decomposition.
The 22 intervened animals were affected by various serious pathologies, suffering from dysplasias, leishmaniasis, diabetes, blindness and carrying numerous parasites such as fleas and ticks.
For all these reasons, they were rescued from this situation and handed over to the Comprehensive Center for Foster Animals (CIAAM) of the Community of Madrid for their veterinary treatment and possible recovery.
Those investigated have a history of similar events in another Madrid town.
The action was carried out by agents belonging to the Seprona de Rivas Vaciamadri.
For more information, contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Madrid Command, tel. 696,909,741.


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