The Civil Guard intervenes in the Polígono Cobo Calleja more than 13,100 counterfeit telephone items

Four people are being investigated for an alleged crime against industrial and intellectual property

To avoid detection of counterfeit products, they camouflaged counterfeit brands with stickers of the same color.

The fake articles have been intervened in four inspections carried out in premises located in the Polígono Cobo Calleja de Fuenlabrada

Agents of the Civil Guard, accompanied by legal experts representing the patents, have intervened 13,119 telephone products that violated the rights of well-known prestigious brands.
In the operation, the agents have carried out four inspections in different commercial establishments of the Polígono Industrial de Cobo Calleja, located in the Madrid town of Fuenlabrada, and four people are investigated for the alleged commission of crimes against industrial and intellectual property.
The inspections carried out have made it possible to identify the alleged administrators, managers and employees of the establishments. In addition, the agents have located thousands of counterfeit products (batteries, chargers, wireless helmets …), for which they proceeded to investigate three people of Chinese nationality and a Spanish citizen.
The trademark patents in Spain have proven that the intervened effects lacked authorization for their commercialization by the trademark owners, valuing the value of the intervened effects at about 160,600 euros.

They camouflaged the elements by covering the counterfeit brand

To avoid detection, they camouflaged counterfeit marks with stickers of the same color. The forged logos were practically identical to the originals, requiring the intervention of experts from the brands that have credited the forgeries.
The operation has been carried out by agents belonging to the Tax Section of the Abroñigal Customs.
For more information, you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Madrid Commandery at: 91 807 39 02 and 696 909 741


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