The Civil Guard intervenes more than 1,200 marijuana plants in the underground rooms of 5 single-family homes

In the operation 5 people have been arrested as alleged perpetrators of crimes against public health and fraud of electric fluid

In one of the houses that was where it was accessed, up to 5 underground rooms have been located at different levels dedicated to indoor marijuana cultivation

The Civil Guard in collaboration with Endesa, within the framework of the “ALANIA PLUS” operation, carried out in the province of Almería, has arrested 5 people, aged between 22 and 50, as alleged perpetrators of crimes against public health and fraud of electric fluid. The operation involved 1252 marijuana plants in different stages of growth and flowering that were hidden in the underground of 5 houses at different levels.

The operation began when the Civil Guard was aware of the existence of a series of single-family homes in the same neighborhood of the municipality of Gádor (Almería), dedicated to indoor marijuana cultivation.

Continuing with the investigations, the agents initiated an investigation and could verify that these houses gave off a characteristic smell related to the cultivation of this substance. As a result of the close surveillance to which these houses were subjected and with the collaboration of the electricity company to be able to carry out the measurements of electrical consumption in them, it was possible to verify that these were much higher than the usual ones for normal domestic consumption.

For this reason, the agents proceeded to perform the inspection and registration of the 5 homes located in the town of Gádor (Almería), finding a total of 1252 marijuana plants in different phases of growth and flowering, 165 lamps with their bulbs and ballasts , 24 air conditioners, 15 extractors with filter, 13 fans, more than 350 empty planters and 2 machetes of 25cm, in addition to different material for cultivation (soil, phytosanitary products, etc.).

It is worth noting the location in one of the houses a total of five rooms at different heights that were accessed through a door installed in the basement, reaching the basement of the adjacent houses.

As a result of the investigation and the records carried out, 21 illegal hooks to the electric fluid in the same neighborhood have been neutralized and 4 crimes against public health and 5 of fraud of electric fluid have been clarified.

The proceedings, detainees, plants and other material intervened are made available to the Court of Instruction No. 2 of Almería.

For more information, please contact the Peripheral Office of Communication of the Civil Guard in Almeria at 950621956/680411337.


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