The Civil Guard intervenes more than 23 kilos of speed before they were distributed in La Rioja and Navarra

The detainees in this operation are two brothers, who used their parents' habitual residence as a nursery for the drugs that they later sold

The seized drug is equivalent to more than 90,000 doses of speed with which they could have earned close to a million euros

Most of the seized drug was prepared in heat-sealed containers for its imminent distribution

The Civil Guard has seized 23 kilos and 228 grams of speed from two brothers who distributed the drug in La Rioja and Navarra. The Kinoko operation has resulted in the arrest of these two people who used their parents' home as a drug nursery. In the family home they prepared the drug for later distribution among consumers and small manufacturers.

Authors of a crime against public health for drug trafficking, the two brothers – 41 and 34 years old – are residents of La Rioja Baja. Their “modus vivendi” was based on the distribution of drugs in the retail modality, which brought them benefits above what would be the wholesale sale.
The investigation, which has lasted several months, has been highly complex, due to the extreme security measures adopted by the detainees, to detect any type of police presence and thus be able to carry out their illegal activity.

92,912 doses of speed

During the exploitation phase, separate searches were kept in the home owned by the parents of the detainees, in a basement and in an industrial warehouse, resulting in the seizure of 23 kilos and 228 grams of "speed", equivalent to 92,912 doses valued in the illicit market at 956,064 euros. Most of this narcotic substance was prepared in heat-sealed containers for imminent distribution.
In addition, 174 grams of marijuana have been found, as well as numerous "cutting" substances – magnesium sulfate and carbonate, citric acid, ammonia, calcium, vitamin C, and 10 kilos and 200 grams of caffeine – used to adulterate and increase the volume of speed and, therefore, the profits of the sale.
The agents also seized a traysealer and numerous heat-shrink bags, an electric kneader, a stuffer and a drill adapted to stir the mixture, precision scales, mobile telephones, 1,730 euros in cash, credit cards, bank books and abundant documentation for their study. .
The detainees and the intervened effects have been made available to the judicial authority, which has decreed the entry into prison for one of those involved and for the other their release with charges.
The Kinoko operation has been directed by Examining Court number 3 of Calahorra (La Rioja), and carried out jointly by agents of the Arnedo Investigation Group and the Citizen Security Service of the Autol Post. During the exploitation phase, the Patrol Functional Unit (UFP) has collaborated for the surprise entry into the house, agents from the USECIA of Calahorra and the Cynological Service with dogs trained in the search and location of narcotic substances.
For more information, you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office (OPC) of the Civil Guard of La Rioja, at 941.229.900, ext. 2007.


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