The Civil Guard intervenes more than 5 kilos of hashish and 200 grams of cocaine hidden in double bottoms of portable refrigerators

The performance took place during a surveillance device established on the A-66 road within the municipality of Almendralejo (Badajoz)

The driver of the vehicle has been arrested for the alleged crime of drug trafficking

About 21,000 doses of the intervened substances could be obtained in the market

The Civil Guard has detained in Badajoz the driver of a vehicle that transported more than 5 kilos of hashish and 200 grams of cocaine in a double bottom practiced to portable refrigerators. He is charged with an alleged drug trafficking crime.
The intervention took place in the early hours of last Wednesday, when the agents, during the devices established in the face of the health crisis caused by COVID19, stopped a vehicle on the A-66 highway within the municipality of Almendralejo.
During the identification of his driver, with a criminal record for drug trafficking, he did not justify the movement within the limitations established in the state of alarm, which made the agents suspect that he could also be dedicating himself to transporting substances. narcotics
In the vehicle registration, two portable refrigerators with food and drinks were found, reporting that being temporary in the strawberry harvest, he used them to transport them. It was in these, where the agents after inspecting them discovered two double bottoms, where he hid tablets and acorns of hashish, with a total weight of 5,200 kilos, and two packages with about 200 grams of cocaine. Drugs of which about 21,000 doses could be obtained on the illicit market.
The now detained, allegedly bypassed the circulation limitations established in the R.D by which the state of alarm is declared, to transport the drug from the south of the peninsula to the province of Badajoz.
The proceedings, together with the detainee, were placed at the disposal of the Investigating Court of Almendralejo.
The performance was carried out by agents belonging to the Border and Fiscal Patrol of the Civil Guard of Badajoz.
For any information related to this press release, you can contact the Communication Office of the Commandery of the Civil Guard of Badajoz, telephone 924 205750, extension 219 and 241.


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