The Civil Guard intervenes more than 7,500 marijuana plants in two operations developed in Zaragoza and Toledo

In the operation MONTEPERDIDO, in which 4 people have been arrested and 4 others investigated, ships prepared exclusively for the cultivation of this substance have been located, with complex ventilation, lighting and irrigation systems and a sophisticated electrical installation that is supplied electricity from public lighting

Likewise, in the BOAT VERDE operation, 7 people have been arrested and a facility prepared for this type of crop valued at more than 80,000 euros has been dismantled.

The Civil Guard, during the course of two operations developed in Zaragoza and Toledo, have intervened a total of 7,552 marijuana plants and has proceeded to the arrest of 11 people and the investigation of another 4 for the alleged crimes of drug trafficking, membership to criminal organization, cultivation or elaboration of narcotics and defraudation of the electric fluid.


Agents of the Civil Guard, in the framework of the operation MONTEPERDIDO, have dismantled in the province of Zaragoza a criminal organization dedicated to the cultivation of marijuana on a large scale inside industrial buildings and have arrested 4 people and investigated others 4.

There have been 4,472 cannabis plants in different stages of growth, a multitude of elements necessary for their cultivation (humidifiers, air conditioning systems, flowerpots, seed germination products, growth accelerators, specialized fertilizers …) valued at more than 60,000 euros.

The investigation began when it became known that an industrial warehouse located in Cuarte de Huerva was being used for the cultivation of marijuana. Immediately the agents registered this property and verified that it had been prepared exclusively for the cultivation of cannabis, and that it had a complex and complete system of irrigation, ventilation and lighting, which was illicitly supplied with street lighting.

With the data collected it was found out that two people had rented two more ships in this province, one also located in Cuarte and another in the Burgo de Ebro, and after carrying out the corresponding registers it was evident that they would also be carrying out the same activity.

In order to obtain the electricity supply, the members of the network had carried out underground excavations from inside the ship to the external light connection, in order to make it difficult for the researchers and technicians of the electric company to detect it. the place, confirmed the professionalism and perfection carried out in the elaboration of said electrical system.

On the other hand, these premises had leakage systems made in the roof with the purpose of fleeing in case of detecting a police presence.

With these infrastructures, the organization was able to carry out 4 harvests per year of more than 3,000 plants each, which would mean economic benefits of more than 4 million euros in the illicit market.

The network was perfectly structured, being its leader a male of Spanish nationality, who together with his French partner, were in charge of recruiting people of Vietnamese nationality, through advertisements on the Internet. Once in Spain, they were transferred to the warehouses where they were supplied with everything necessary for the assembly of the facilities, their care and the means of subsistence, practically not facilitating contact with the outside.

During the searches, 4 people of Vietnamese nationality were detained who lived in small facilities permanently, dedicated 24 hours to the care and monitoring of the plantation, as well as increasing production through botanical techniques.

Also, the leader of the group and its French partner, together with two other women, were in charge of locating ships for rent in industrial estates with the excuse of installing textile warehouses that belonged to a fictitious French company that would endorse the rental contracts.

The operation has been carried out by agents belonging to the Judicial Police Team of the Guardia Civil de Casetas (Zaragoza).

For any information about the operation, please contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard in Zaragoza, telephone 696.957.782.

Operation BOAT VERDE

The Civil Guard, in the framework of Operation BOAT VERDE, has arrested in the province of Toledo the 7 members of a network dedicated to the cultivation and trafficking of marijuana, four of them belonging to the same family, for the crimes of organization criminal, drug trafficking, cultivation or manufacture of narcotics, illegal possession of weapons and ammunition depot.

Two home searches have been made where 3,080 marijuana plants have been seized, 40 kilos of this drug in buds, 40 grams of cocaine, 6 kilos of cutting substance, a revolver with the numbering erased, a simulated handgun, two carbines, more than 1,000 cartridges of different calibers, 4 loaders of different weapons, jewelery valued at 18,000 euros, 13,000 euros in cash, 4 large generators and 2 high-end vehicles.

The operation began after becoming aware of the possible existence of an organization dedicated to drug trafficking whose base of operations was established in the town of Ajofrín in Toledo.

The agents located the people that could be related to the investigated crime, which belonged to the same family nucleus and had a high level of life, far superior to what they could justify work, accumulating numerous properties and using high-end vehicles.

These people lived in two houses with strong security measures with surveillance cameras, one of them located in an isolated area of ​​the town in whose plot there were 4 naves.

It was also found that these people had hired 3 people for the care and cultivation of marijuana plants and that the drug they were making was distributed throughout northern Spain.

Once the information was verified, the Civil Guard made two simultaneous registrations in these properties with more than 50 agents from different units, discovering that the ships were destined to the intensive cultivation of marijuana and as dryers with an installation, which was dismantled, with a value higher than 80,000 euros. After that, the 7 members of the network were arrested.

The investigation, conducted by the Court of First Instance and Instruction 1 of Orgaz, has been carried out by agents belonging to the Judicial Police Team of the Civil Guard of Orgaz, who have had the collaboration of components of the Investigation Team of the Compañía de Mora, of the Team against Organized Crime and Anti-Drug of the UOPJ of Toledo, of the Cynological Service, as well as Patrols of Citizen Security and the USECIC of the Comandancias de Toledo and Ciudad Real.

For any information related to this investigation, please contact the OPC of the Comandancia de Toledo. Telf: 925,225,900 ext: 237 / 683,647,072.


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