The Civil Guard intervenes more than four tons of marijuana in Teruel

Nearly 50,000 marijuana plants have been seized, from which almost two and a half tons of buds were extracted

Three people have been arrested in the operation and more than a dozen people are being investigated

The Civil Guard has intervened more than four tons of marijuana, in several industrial warehouses located in the town of Villel (Teruel). The agents have arrested three people and investigated more than a dozen, as alleged perpetrators of various crimes against public health and belonging to a criminal organization.

During the searches of the industrial buildings, the agents found about 50,000 marijuana plants and an industrial stripping machine used to quickly separate the buds from the plants

The operation began last March when the Civil Guard was able to verify how in several industrial warehouses located in the town of Villel, whose main activity was the processing of industrial hemp, they were being used for the drying of marijuana plants (cannabis sativa ).
Continuing with the investigations, the agents were able to verify how the content inside the warehouses belonged to a company located in Barcelona dedicated to the sale of seeds which, after proceeding to the cultivation of marijuana in the province of Almería, under the logo of a cooperative in that area, transported the plants in several trucks to the town of Villel to proceed with drying and extraction of buds for subsequent sale in Europe.
All the marijuana plants, except for almost 450 kgs, have been burned "in situ" by members of the Teruel Helicopter Fire Extinguishing Brigade. of buds, which were delivered to the Health Area of ​​the Sub-delegation of the Government of Zaragoza.
The operation has been carried out by the Anti-Drug and Organized Crime Team (EDOA) of the Civil Guard Command in Teruel.
Both the detainees and the proceedings under investigation were made available to the Investigating Court No. 3 of Teruel.
The cultivation of hemp is allowed exclusively for industrial purposes, that is, those whose destination is the production of fiber or seeds. Also with the express authorization of the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS), when it is intended for scientific, medical or research purposes.


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