The Civil Guard investigates a Granada academy for selling false certificates of training courses for an opposition to forest firefighter

It has also been investigated about 260 applicants who in 2019 opposed a forest firefighter from the Andalusian Government after inflating their CV with more than 800 hours of approved courses that they did not take

Applicants paid up to 120 euros for a 200-hour training course they took in 25 minutes

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the Tricheurs operation, has investigated those responsible for a Granada academy for issuing certificates of approved training courses to 257 aspiring forest firefighters of the Junta de Andalucía that they failed to complete.
The INFOCA Plan of the Andalusian Government had established that up to a total of 800 hours of specific training (approved courses) would be scalable and punctual for all applicants to the selective process of entering the operational device for the prevention and extinction of forest fires in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, as a forest firefighter.
However, in the last call published in BOJA nº 138/19 (07/19/2019), he introduced the possibility of scaling up to 1,600 hours of specific training. This caused many applicants, before the last day of the submission deadline for admission to the selection process, which was August 26, 2019, to try to get as many hours as possible of certified qualification and thus obtain a better position in the opposition. To do this, they went to this Granada academy and paid up to 120 euros for 200-hour training courses that they took in 25 minutes.
The investigation began after an aspiring forest firefighter from Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz) reported irregularities in the 2019 opposition contest.
Investigators located a Granada academy that had consistently issued hundreds of false titles. The heads of the academy falsified the date of issuance of these degrees so that they could be admitted to the opposition and that the contact between the students and the professors of the academy was only twenty-five minutes for courses of up to 200 hours.
During the first phase of exploitation of this operation, the Civil Guard has brought to justice as investigators as alleged perpetrators of a crime of documentary falsehood, the sole administrator of the academy, the computer technician and the head of studies of the courses offered .
The 62 applicants to the Granada forest firefighter who attended this academy have also been investigated for the same crime to include in their CVs courses that they did not complete.
In the following phases of the operation, 23 applicants from Malaga, 12 from Almería, 58 from Jaén, 36 from Córdoba, 23 from Seville, 12 from Huelva, 27 from Cádiz, 2 from Badajoz and 2 from Albacete were also investigated. certificates in the investigated academy.
As a result of this investigation, the Andalusian Environment and Water Agency cautiously decided not to grant any fixed job until the open criminal procedure is resolved and agreed to suspend the allocation of 120 fixed contracts (95 positions of Specialist Forest Firefighter). of the Group of Seals and – 25 places of Driver Forest Firefighter, specialty Fire Vehicle) until the moment in which firm judicial resolutions are issued.
The operation, directed by the Investigating Court number 3 of those of Granada, has been carried out by agents belonging to the Investigation Area of ​​the Civil Guard of La Zubia.
To complete this information, you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Granada Civil Guard, by phone at 958.185419.


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