The Civil Guard investigates in Alicante several cases of animal abuse

In Altea, a neighbor has been investigated who allegedly left her dog locked inside the home, without food or drink, and who ended up dying

A couple from Relleu has been investigated for having animals on a farm overcrowded without the regulatory chip and other dead and decomposing

The agents have recovered a monkey of the species Tamarino Labiado, protected by the Cites Convention, which was wandering through an urbanization in the town of Calpe

The Civil Guard, in different actions, has investigated in the province of Alicante several cases of animal abuse.

In a first performance, the agents have investigated a neighbor of Altea (Alicante) for an alleged crime of animal abuse, after having allegedly abandoned a dog inside a home in that town.

The intervention took place on March 29, when a notice was received from neighbors informing that a strong smell of putrefaction was coming out of one of the houses in the block.
The agents went to the place to check the origin of the bad smell. Through the balcony of the adjoining house they accessed the apartment and saw from the window a medium-sized black dog, lying in the living room, with the door to the room closed and the sliding door of the balcony also closed.
The animal was already deceased and surrounded by feces, urine and garbage.
For all these reasons, the agents belonging to the Nature Protection Service (SEPRONA) of the Altea Civil Guard have charged the owner of the deceased dog with an alleged crime of animal abuse.

Dead and decomposing animals on a Relleu farm

On the other hand, on April 1, the agents received a notice from the Relleu Local Police informing them that they had three stray dogs, without an identification chip, in their facilities, in order to make the necessary arrangements to locate the owner and deliver them to him. .
After locating the owner, the agents went to the plot where the animals were to be delivered.
Upon arriving at the scene, the civil guards observed that there were more kennels on the property, with about six dogs in total. The agents decided to inspect the animals, verifying on site that several of them lacked a passport and a regulatory chip.
In addition, they also noticed that there were several wooden cages in the plot, finding in some of them dead animals in a state of decomposition. There were also dead animals in a small corral and in a wooden house next to the main house of the farm.
For all the above, the Civil Guard has investigated this couple, a 46-year-old man and a 43-year-old woman, for being the alleged perpetrators of a crime of animal abuse.

A monkey protected by the Cites Convention abandoned

A monkey of the species Tamarino Labiado has also been recovered, which was wandering, on April 7, along a street in the Maryvilla urbanization, in the town of Calpe, and was found by a neighbor in the area.
Apparently, the animal had been abandoned in recent days, possibly for fear of its owner to some kind of contagion or transmission of disease.
It should be noted that this species is protected by the Cites Convention, in its Annex 1, so its possession by individuals is prohibited.
The animal, which is in perfect health, as it does not have a chip or any other form of identification, has been deposited at the Primadomus primate recovery center in Villena, at the disposal of the Customs Agency and the Official Inspection Service , Surveillance and Regulation of Exports (SOIVRE), both from the province of Alicante.
The different actions have been carried out by agents belonging to the SEPRONA of the Altea Civil Guard.


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