The Civil Guard investigates in Huelva a person for growing mandarins without their patent

He is charged with a crime against intellectual property with an economic damage that reaches 2.9 million euros

The ORRI variety is protected by an Israeli patent included in the Protected Varieties Exploitation Book

The Civil Guard investigates a person in Huelva for growing a type of mandarins and not having the patent for it. It is a crime against industrial property, which reaches an economic damage of 2.9 million euros for not paying the patent for this crop.

The ORRI variety is a fruit of Israeli origin that is characterized by its easy peeling and its almost total absence of seeds. It is a particularly vigorous and late-ripening tree having a great commercial value.
This variety of the fruit has been protected in Spain since 2013 through the exploitation of protected varieties book.
Investigations were initiated following a complaint lodged at the Civil Guard headquarters in Cartaya (Huelva). ROCA Civil Guard teams carried out the inspection of the farms and observed that all of them had fruit trees of this variety. Citrus samples were sent and analyzed in the laboratory, where it was found that the fruits were the protected variety.


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