The Civil Guard investigates the driver of a truck who was driving recklessly and refused to carry out alcohol and drug tests

It was circulating on the A-66 highway, repeatedly invading the shoulder and both lanes of traffic

It could be intercepted thanks to the road users, who alerted the Civil Guard of the anomalous traffic carried out by the truck driver

The Civil Guard has investigated in Badajoz a Portuguese citizen who recklessly drove a truck and refused to carry out alcohol and drug tests. He is charged with the crime against road safety.

The action took place on Sunday the 18th, coinciding with the second operation that started this summer, the Operational Central of the Traffic Group in Badajoz received a notice from users of the A-66 highway informing about the reckless behavior with which a truck was circulating articulated transport of goods through municipalities in Badajoz, invading both the hard shoulder and both lanes of traffic.
After that, a device was established to locate the vehicle, being intercepted as it passed through the municipality of Fuente de Cantos.
Once its driver, a Portuguese citizen, had been identified, the agents observed in his behavior obvious symptoms of being under the influence of alcohol or toxic drugs, for which he was required to submit to the legally established tests, refusing to carry them out.
Faced with the aforementioned events and in view of the obvious external symptoms that the truck driver presented and which affected the psychophysical faculties necessary for safe driving, the agents instructed him as investigated for the alleged crimes against road safety, while driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or toxic drugs and the refusal to submit to a blood alcohol test and the presence of drugs.


The driver faces prison terms of three to six months, a fine of six to twelve months, or work for the benefit of the community from thirty-one to ninety days. And in any case you will not be able to drive motor vehicles and mopeds for a time exceeding one and up to four years, and prison sentences of six months to one year and deprivation of the right to drive motor vehicles and mopeds for one to four years, without prejudice to the administrative sanction that started the actions of the agents, reckless driving.
The action was carried out by agents belonging to the Traffic Group of the Civil Guard of the Badajoz Subsector, who delivered the corresponding proceedings to the Zafra Investigating Court.
Citizen collaboration has facilitated the task of the Traffic Group as guarantors of road safety.


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