The Civil Guard is awarded the Medal of the City of Cáceres

The Director General of the Civil Guard has received this award granted by the City Council in recognition of the work of the Civil Guard

Félix Azón has visited the facilities of the Comandancia de Cáceres and has held a meeting with those responsible for it in order to know its structure, organization and problems

The Director General of the Civil Guard, Félix Azón, as head of the Corps, has received the Medal of the City of Cáceres awarded by the City of Cáceres in recognition of the role of the benemérita during its 175 years of history and its function with the city. The event has been held at the Palacio de Congresos in the city of Cacereña.

Felix Azón has been accompanied by the Mayor of the city, Luis Salaya, of the Government Delegate in Extremadura, Mª Yolanda García; of the Government Subdelegate in Cáceres, José Antonio García; and Lieutenant General Operations Command, Fernando Santafé, along with other civil and military authorities.

The Acting Chief Commander of the Comandancia de Cáceres, Mª Jesús Pascual has addressed a few words in which she has expressed her gratitude to the City Council of Cáceres and its municipal Corporation for the award of this Medal.

He has reviewed the historical link between the city of Cáceres and the Civil Guard and stressed that “being distinguished with the Medal of the City is something that all men and women who are part of the Cáceres Command fill us with satisfaction and we it stimulates to continue in the same line of work, effort and commitment with the citizens and represents an explicit recognition of the great esteem that the society of Cáceres ”.

The Civil Guard in Cáceres

The Civil Guard in the Comandancia de Cáceres is responsible for the public safety of 211 municipalities, which represents a total of 90.09% of the province's extension. To carry out this task, it has about 1200 distributed in 6 Companies, 1 Main Post and 73 Ordinary Posts.

They have Units to service their demarcation of Citizen Security, Information, Judicial Police, Seprona, Cynological Service, Weapons Intervention, Traffic Grouping, among others.

Among the issues discussed during the meeting are the data related to the work performed by the Civil Guard in relation to citizen security. In this sense, the rate of clarification of crimes in the period January-September 2019 has been 55.37%, which represents a criminal clarification higher by 2.33 points than in previous years.

The Director General has congratulated the components of the Civil Guard in Cáceres for the work they do for the benefit of the society of Cáceres, encouraging them to continue with the good work they are developing and urging them to increase as much as possible the attention of the citizen, which is a of the reasons of being of the Civil Guard throughout its 175 years of history.

For more information, you can contact the Communication Office of the Civil Guard Commander of Cáceres, at 680410422.


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