The Civil Guard locates a man who rented his dogs to take them for a walk during the State of Alarm

The Civil Guard has proceeded to identify and denounce a person, after learning that he was advertising a rental service for his dogs on social networks.

The Civil Guard also informed the defendant that the activity should immediately cease to encourage potential clients to skip the limitation on the freedom of movement of people, established by the State of Alarm.
The alleged perpetrator of the facts lacks any type of registration or authorization as a zoological nucleus (REGANUZ) to dedicate himself to the activity related to the breeding and temporary cession of companion animals, the transfer or ambulant donation of these animals being prohibited, according to the provided in Law 4/2017 on protection and well-being, encourage company in Galicia.
After the police action, this same person returned to publish two similar announcements, so that a report of complaint was filed again, which will be sent to the Subdelegation of the Government of A Coruña for breach of the State of Alarm and to the Ministry of the Environment of the Xunta de Galicia for breaching animal welfare regulations.
The action has been developed by the Nature Protection Service (SEPRONA), of the Civil Guard of A Coruña.
For more information you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard in A Coruña on the phone on the phone 981167813 0 659947265.


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