The Civil Guard locates, in a few hours, four vehicles with immigrants hidden in double funds

Three vehicles were located yesterday morning in the Beni-Enzar Customs, in an interval of only three hours

The fourth vehicle was located a little earlier, in the port of Melilla, to supervise the unloading of a truck with aggregates, where it was located and helped a young man hidden in the shallows

In total, four people of sub-Saharan origin have been helped and rescued, including a 15-year-old woman

Three people have been arrested and will go to court

The Civil Guard has located and helped, in a single day, four people traveling hidden in double funds of four other vehicles, with serious risk to their physical integrity.

Three of the services were carried out in the international customs office of Beni-Enzar, a step that supports thousands of vehicle rotations daily. They were located between nine and twelve in the morning, three cars from Morocco, with hidden immigrants.
The experience and the appreciated signals led the agents to carry out an exhaustive search of the vehicles, after which the double funds that housed the hidden persons were located. Two of them were in the area of ​​the dashboard and another in the area of ​​the rear seats.
One of the people assisted is a 15-year-old woman and the other two are men of 20 and 21 years old. In two of the cases, the Medical Services had to stabilize them because they presented symptoms of asphyxia, disorientation and generalized pain in the joints, due to the terrible conditions in which they traveled.

Assistance in the port

The fourth service was performed hours earlier, at dawn, in the port of Melilla, after monitoring, the Civil Guard, the unloading of a truck with aggregates, which had also entered the city from Morocco. A young man of sub-Saharan origin, 20 years old, was found in the base of the truck, which had to be helped when leaving, due to the danger he was running and the maneuver made of the dump truck.
There was no injury and it is believed that this person took advantage of a carelessness of the driver to get into that place, with the danger that involves being caught between the axles during driving and the maneuvers to be performed.


The drivers of the intercepted cars, all of Moroccan registration and different brands such as Mercedes, Renault and Chevrolet, have been detained and will go to court once the proceedings, as alleged perpetrators of a crime against the rights of foreign citizens.
All of them are males, of Moroccan nationality, without ties to the city of Melilla, of 19, 30 and 31 years of age.
For more information you can contact the Communication Office of the Civil Guard in Melilla on tel 626 28 63 79


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