The Civil Guard locates the underground plantation with the highest marijuana production capacity to date

The innovative indoor installation and the unprecedented variety of plants allowed a bud collection every 25 days

The criminals had invested close to 200,000 euros in this infrastructure

2,466 plants, 3 kilos of hash oil, 982 grams of buds, 364 grams of pollen and a handgun have been seized

The Civil Guard, within the framework of Operation BUNKER, has located and dismantled the marijuana plantation with the highest production capacity installed in an underground construction of more than 200 m², from which 2,466 plants of an unprecedented variety have been seized that allowed a collection every 25 days. For this production the criminals had invested about 200,000 euros.

The investigation begins as a result of some information that warned of a possible illegal cultivation in the town of Fuensalida, in the province of Toledo.

The agents focused their investigation on an isolated rural property, of about 1,000 m², which was fenced and from the outside only a couple of prefabricated modules used supposedly as housing could be seen, and next to it another small one, which appeared to be a storage room.
Despite the external appearance of the place, where you could practically see how almost the entire terrain was open-plan, the Civil Guard confirmed the relationship of the man who lived there with a possible crime of illegal cultivation of marijuana, for which the Judicial Authority an entry and registration in this property, which was carried out with the support of the Cynological Service and the USECIC of the Toledo Command.

Infrastructure and underground installation

The Civil Guard discovered that behind the door of the small prefabricated hut there was a spiral staircase of about 3 meters down that gave access to an underground excavation, perfectly partitioned, roofed and compartmentalized with concrete and brick walls, of about 200 m². , where he had installed an innovative system for the cultivation of high-yield marijuana spread over five rooms.
The agents verified that this complex infrastructure had an innovative calorific system with panels of led lamps, ozone filters to minimize the smell that had an exit to the outside by 7 mouths hidden in ornamental garden jars, in addition to an individualized drip irrigation system connected to the 2,466 plants that were there.
These plants, on which there was a thin mesh that determined their maximum height level, were of an unprecedented variety that require less growth to produce numerous branches and blooms, being able to achieve a harvest in just 25 days.
For the electrical supply of this complex system, they had two powerful generators, valued at around 10,000 euros each and consuming around 500 liters of diesel per week.

Home registration

In the search carried out in the part used as housing, the agents intervened a real handgun that was hidden in the bedroom, along with 4 other simulated firearms, a taser, several blades, 3 kilograms of hashish oil, 982 grams of marijuana buds and 364 grams of pollen from this plant.
After this search, the Civil Guard arrested a man and a woman for the crime of cultivating or producing narcotics, for which they were made available to the Court of First Instance and the corresponding Guard Instruction of Torrijos.
The Guaria Civil has made an estimate of the economic cost of the construction of this underground infrastructure, as well as the installation arranged for this intensive cultivation of marijuana, exceeding 200,000 euros of investment.
The investigation has been carried out by the Territorial Team of the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard of Torrijos, in the province of Toledo.


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