The Civil Guard of Seville recovers a unique archaeological piece in the world, a bust of the Emperor "ADRIANO" of the 2nd century BC.

The investigation began at the beginning of the year after obtaining various information about the finding of that piece by people dedicated to the archaeological pillage in the province of Seville.

During the research phase the existence of said piece was confirmed, whose owners tried to commercialize it to obtain an economic benefit.

The piece is deposited in the Archaeological Museum of Seville for study by the scientific community and enjoy the citizenship.

Agents belonging to the Heritage Team of the UOPJ of Seville find a piece of incalculable historical, cultural and archaeological value consisting of a bust of the Emperor "ADRIANO" of the 2nd century BC.

The investigation began at the beginning of the year when it became known the possible trade of a piece of great value by which the owners requested a very important amount of money, around € 500,000.

As a result of the numerous efforts made by components of this Unit, the identity of the intermediary person who would be offering the archaeological piece to potential buyers was ascertained, so intense and continuous vigilance was initiated in order to detect the possible location and location of the the Roman piece.

Thus, and after numerous operative devices made with this person residing in the Seville town of El Rubio (Seville), it was possible to identify several people from the same family, who always went in the company of the intermediary when the meetings took place and / or appointments with other interested persons, suspecting that the members of this family could have in possession of the Emperor's bust.

For this reason, the investigation was focused on this family, finding out after covering an appointment between the investigated, the intermediary and other people, the possible situation of the piece in a private agricultural farm located in the town of Écija (Seville), whose property is of the parents of the investigated, being that place the ideal one to hide the Roman bust.

With all the evidence found during the investigation phase, an entry and registration order was requested to the farm for the morning of the following day, being granted by the Ecija Guardian Court. Thus, on June 14, the farm was accessed, property of the father of the investigated, who was notified of the reasons for that diligence. After several hours of searching, a zone was found, in a dedicated warehouse, for agricultural use, in which it was observed that the land had been recently removed, so the police officers present in the registry proceeded manually to make a small excavation, finding a few centimeters from the ground level the head of the bust of the Emperor "ADRIANO" which was totally buried.

After finishing the disinterment, the piece was transferred to Dependencies of the Civil Guard of Seville where it was deposited for the purpose of receiving the first expert report issued by the Territorial Delegation of the Ministry of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía, the body that issued said report highlighting the authenticity and importance of the recovered piece, including an estimated economic valuation around € 500,000.

On 08/07/2019, with judicial authorization, agents of this Heritage Team made the transfer of the bust to the Archaeological Museum of Seville, where it is currently deposited for study by the scientific community and for public exhibition.

The exploitation of the Operation called "BUSTIANO", directed and coordinated by the Office of Urban Planning and Environment of Seville and by the Court of 1st Instance and Instruction No. 1 of Écija (Seville), has culminated with the imputation as investigated of three members from the same family, ARQ, JRQ and C.S.R.Q, the first two of 50 years and born in Osuna, the third of 43 years born in Écija and another person identified as P.J.C.M. 43 years old from the town of El Rubio. All of them are charged with a crime of misappropriation and crime against the Historical Heritage.

With the recovery of this piece, this research is considered finished, having recovered and placed at the disposal of the Spanish Historical Heritage a piece of tremendous historical, cultural and archaeological value, which will allow to carry out specific studies on the meaning and meaning of the characteristics of one. of the most reputable Emperors of Roman times, ADRIANO.

For the extension or confirmation of any other data, you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard of Seville, at 954 23 53 22.


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