The Civil Guard participates in numerous evacuations of minors in camps affected by storm storms in Castilla y León and Asturias

In total, almost 500 minors and several camp monitors have been rescued, which in many cases have been destroyed and flooded

Most of the evacuees are in perfect health, except for some sprain or anxiety attack by those who were assisted by health personnel

In the early hours of today, the Civil Guard has proceeded to the evacuation of numerous minors and monitors in various camps in Castilla y León and Asturias, as a result of the storm of storms with heavy rainfall, intense wind gusts and electrical equipment by that several camps in these autonomous communities have suffered considerable damage.

In Arenas de San Pedro (Ávila), the Civil Guard Mountain Rescue and Intervention Team has rescued 32 minors between 10 and 12 years old and 4 monitors belonging to the Sant Michael Camp on the occasion of the electrical water storm and wind. All have been evacuated to prevent them from suffering from hypothermia as a result of having wet clothes. At 6:30 hours the evacuation of them and their belongings has been completed.

In Candeleda (Ávila), at 23:15 hours yesterday the evacuation of about 50 children from the Santo Domingo boy scout group that were in the local campsite began, due to the thunderstorm that has caused Various fires in the area. The Civil Protection and Local Police personnel of Candeleda participated in the evacuation, along with the Civil Guard agents who had to cut traffic on the N501. About 12 pm the evacuation was terminated.

In Boca de Huergano (León) the storm of rain and wind has caused numerous damages in a camp located in its municipal area, so that 23 minors and several monitors have been transferred to the municipal sports center, some of them suffering from anxiety attacks , where they have spent the night. In several camps in the municipalities of Burón and Acebedo, both in the province of León, several camps have been flooded and totally destroyed, so that 90 minors have been evacuated from the Burón camp, 90 from the Scout Pinar de Acebedo and 120 of the Esteria de Acebedo camp. All have been transferred to schools in these locations with different symptoms of a mild nature (headaches, sprains) by those who have been treated by health services without being transferred to hospitals. The Emergency Service of Castilla y León and the Red Cross has provided them with various materials (beds, blankets, cleaning materials) and food with the coordination of the Government Subdelegation, the Junta de Castilla y León and town halls in the area.

In Cervera de Pisuerga (Palencia) the Civil Guard evacuated the 53 minors and 10 monitors who were camping in the hamlet of Ruesga-Cervera de Pisuerga (Palencia), when the strong wind caused one of the tents to fly. At 22:00 hours last night, notice was received from the head of the camp, expressing concern about the storm that was falling. Four patrols of the Civil Guard moved to the place, who proceeded with the mayor of the town, to evacuate the children, moving them to the municipal pavilion of Cervera de Pisuerga, enabled by the City Council so that the children could spend the night. The camping area has suffered a lot of deterioration, the children and their monitors being in perfect health.

In Asturias, 23 boy scouts and 2 monitors, who had left from Vega de Ario in the direction of Caín de Valdeón-León, have been evacuated from the Culiembro Canal by the Mountain Service of the Civil Guard of Cangas de Onís by helicopter, making up to 9 shipments until the total evacuation of the group to the area of ​​Cain. Only one of the hikers has expressed small discomforts (dizziness, vomiting and malaise) and another presented a possible sprained ankle, the others being in perfect health.

Agents from the Rescue and Intervention Section in Mountain (SEREIM) of the Civil Guard, from the Group of Helicopters of the Civil Guard Air Service and agents from the Traffic Association of the Civil Guard and Citizen Security , as well as Civil Protection and Red Cross personnel.


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