The Civil Guard performs various actions against animal abuse in Tenerife and La Gomera

On an agricultural farm in the municipality of Puerto de la Cruz, 10 Vietnamese pigs have been located in unfortunate hygienic-sanitary conditions.

Investigation in Garajonay (La Gomera) of a man for having a dog in a serious state of malnutrition

Located 12 bodies of dead dogs at the bottom of the Río ravine, which is located on the border between the Tenerife municipalities of Arico and Granadilla de Abona

The Civil Guard has carried out different actions against animal abuse on the islands of Tenerife and La Gomera.

In a first performance, SEPRONA agents received notice from the Local Police in the Tenerife town of Puerto de la Cruz of the location on a farm of some Vietnamese pigs, an exotic invasive species for the Canary Islands, that could be in poor hygienic-sanitary conditions .
Once SEPRONA agents appeared at the scene to verify the facts, they observed a small farm of approximately 40 square meters where 10 Vietnamese pigs were confined in unfortunate conditions, since they had neither water, nor food and with external signs malnutrition.
The animals lacked a refuge area, thus being exposed to weather conditions all day.
In addition, officers also observed broken plates of "uralite" (a material considered highly toxic), wooden pallets with edges, and even a metal bed base, with which the animals could harm themselves. The terrain had a large number of holes and stones, where the animals were living with their feces and manure.
During the inspection, they found three horses in a stable, which lacked a microchip or an authorized alternative brand, and although they did not appear malnourished, the hygienic-sanitary conditions in which they were found were poor, lacking a manure collection area, automatic waterers and any other suitable measure for the species.
Once the owners of the property and owners of the animals were located and identified, they stated that they had no documentary record of the animals, nor identification and health control cards, for which they were denounced.

Investigated for having a dog in a serious state of malnutrition

Likewise, the SEPRONA civil guards of Garajonay on the island of La Gomera have investigated a man, 42 years old and a resident of the municipality of Hermigua, for having a dog in a serious state of malnutrition. The alleged crimes related to the Protection of Flora, Fauna and Domestic Animals are imputed to him.
The action began after receiving notice from a citizen about the state of a dog they owned. Upon arrival at the scene, the agents verified that the animal was in an unfortunate physical condition, as well as living in terrible hygienic-sanitary conditions. He presented a serious state of malnutrition and wounds throughout his body, which could be caused by various diseases as he was not being cared for or attended to.

Dog corpses at the bottom of a ravine.

The agents of the Granandilla de Abona Post learned of the existence of several bodies of dead dogs at the bottom of the Río ravine, which is located on the border between the municipalities of Arico and Granadilla de Abona.
Later, GREIM agents went to the site and were able to observe the lifeless bodies of the animals from above the ravine.
After going down about 60 meters deep in the ravine and getting to where the bodies were found, they were able to verify that there were 12 dogs that did not have a microchip, some of them being found in bags.
An investigation has been launched in order to obtain sufficient evidence to clarify this criminal act.
For any clarification, you can contact the Press Office of the Commandery of the Civil Guard of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, contact phone 696943009 or 922671652.


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