The Civil Guard performs various aid to elderly people in León, Castellón and Ourense

In Yugueros (León), an 85-year-old man who had not returned home was located with symptoms of hypothermia.

In Segorbe (Castellón) the Civil Guard has located an 80-year-old woman lying next to a ditch, also with hypothermia

In Lugo, a Civil Guard patrol has helped a 73-year-old man who was walking disoriented on the road in the part reserved for vehicles

The Civil Guard has made various aids to elderly people who had not returned to their homes or were lost.

In León, the COS (complex operational center) emergency center of the León Civil Guard received a 112 notice of the disappearance of an 85-year-old man residing in Yugueros. The 112 Central's notice came about 23:00 on 08.05.20, reporting that an 85-year-old man had not returned to his home in Yugueros, as reported by the son-in-law of the disappeared person.

Immediately, the Civil Guard patrol closest to Yugueros is commissioned to begin the search for the person, where he is informed that he was last seen at 4:30 p.m. Started the search device in which the Civil Guards of Riaño and Boñar participate and with the collaboration of relatives and neighbors of the town, it is located after 01:00 in the morning in the place called Los Cantillos de Yugueros on 09 September May, with symptoms of hypothermia and fallen on the grass.
Due to the orography of the area, since there was a steep slope even with the wet grass with the risk that it posed for the emergency services, a ladder had to be used to access where it was and to be able to bring it closer to the place where the ambulance was. displaced, where he was treated at first and later transferred to the Cistierna Health Center for evaluation.
In Castellón, the Civil Guard learned that an 80-year-old woman had disappeared during that afternoon, so an extensive search and location device was quickly started, led and coordinated by the Segorbe Civil Guard, made up of members of the Segorbe, Vall d´Uixò and Montanejos, with the support of the Provincial Fire Consortium, the Local Police of the town and several relatives of the woman.
During the night search batidas were being carried out around the town and its surroundings. The search ended that same morning late at around 01:30 am when the Civil Guard located the disappeared in the San Julián ravine, Segorbe municipality, the woman was lying next to a ditch, in a conscious state but with symptoms of hypothermia, so she was transferred to the local Health Center for a medical examination.
In Lugo, it was recorded through the 112 emergency service, that road users reported the presence of a pedestrian at kilometer 4,300, of the N-540 road, belonging to the municipality of Lugo, invading the part of the road intended for the circulation of motor vehicles.
Given the danger that this situation could present for the physical integrity of the pedestrian and other road users, a Civil Guard patrol goes to the place and observes the presence of a 73-year-old man, walking along the LU-12 road. link with the AG-54 motorway (Lugo – Santiago).
When addressing the pedestrian to be interested in his state and needs that he may have, it is appreciated that he is disoriented without being able to specify the reason, since he claims to be knowledgeable about the area, but without knowing exactly where he was at the time. Subsequently, it is verified that this misplacement was due to the fact that he had entered this recently built road and that he was unaware of its existence, which had caused him some fear and anxiety, feeling comforted by the presence of the agents to whom he commented on his need. to exercise due to having recently undergone a surgical intervention.
This person is assisted by handing over a retroreflective vest to increase their safety. In the same way they indicate the itinerary to return to his home in the town of Lugo, accompanying him to the vicinity, making sure that he returned to it without any other incident.


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