The Civil Guard presents a code of weapons and explosives that compiles all the current legislation in this matter

The text is published today in the BOE and aims to be a legal reference guide in the arms sector

This code -in electronic format- will be updated continuously with the different regulations in force

The general director of the Civil Guard, Félix Azón, and the director of the Official State Gazette, Manuel Tuero, presented this morning the first code of weapons and explosives published in our country. The text, which can be consulted in the Official State Gazette, is intended to be a legal reference guide for both auditors and professionals in the sector.

This code – presented in electronic format – compiles all the legislation currently applied in the field of weapons and explosives. Its wording responds to the need to end the confusion and legal uncertainty that sometimes generates the legislative dispersion of this matter.

The director general has begun his words thanking the presence of the Director of the State Agency of the BOE; Brigadier General of the Arms and Explosives and Security Department, Santiago Caballero and General Auditor, Fernando Garcia-Mercadal.

In his words, he has said that he is convinced that this new normative instrument will allow a better understanding and application by the Weapons Auditors, but also by the industrial and commercial sector, including individuals, of such a complex matter as it is the regulation of “Weapons and Explosives”, since it compiles in a single text the voluminous and dispersed current legislation.

Likewise, Félix Azón has stated that this code on Weapons and Explosives is essential for training and knowledge when having to apply the current regulations.

He also said that the great work of synthesis and compilation developed in this Code, involves an important effort, which would not have been possible without the help of the State Agency of the Official State Gazette, which guarantees its adequate dissemination and updating.

The CEO has commented that with the presentation of this code there are two proven facts that are the dissemination of knowledge in this area and the use of the tool for its application.

Likewise, it has been said that the General State Administration and the Civil Guard are perfectly in line with what society demands.

Félix Azón has commented that the Head of Arms and Explosives and Security, has developed new lines of action that will successfully fulfill its mission. Among them, especially:

  • The improvement of citizen service, promoting the realization of training actions aimed at the development of specific competences in the sphere of the social skills of civil guards.
  • The simplification of procedures, with the aim of speeding up the administrative process, reducing the management time and resolution of files.
  • The enhancement of the international presence, leading projects such as EMPACT-Firearms, which is the EU's main tool in the fight against illicit trafficking in firearms.

Finally, he wanted to reiterate his great satisfaction for being here today with everyone present, and stressed that the publication of this Code represents another institutional milestone, which joins all those developed on the occasion of the 175th anniversary celebration of the foundation.

Weapons and Explosives and Security Headquarters

The ones in charge of writing this code have been the general auditor Fernando García Mercadal, and the chief general of the Arms and Explosives Headquarters, Santiago Caballero. With its publication in the BOE, this electronic weapon and explosives code will be updated and consolidated continuously.

It is accessible from the BOE website, Digital Law Library, Electronic Codes, Defense and Security bookshelf or through the following link:

For more information, please contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Arms, Explosives and Security Department, telephone 91.514.6900 ext. 44355


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