The Civil Guard provides support in the operation of multiple essential services

Among the missions that the Corps has been entrusted with since the state of alarm was decreed is that of ensuring that medical supplies, as well as essential supplies, reach their destinations.

In Guadalajara, the agents have brought computer equipment to students of institutes in rural areas so that they can continue their training

In Córdoba, they have transported a respirator from one hospital to another located in Antequera (Málaga)

In Asturias, patrols provide home medications to the elderly who cannot travel to pharmacies

Since the declaration of the alarm state, the Civil Guard has provided support in the operation of multiple essential services. Among the tasks the Corps has had since last March 14 is to ensure that essential supplies reach their destinations.

With special attention to rural areas where access to basic services is more difficult, the Civil Guard ensures that the population of these localities has the medicines, food and even technological elements that they need.

In several localities of Guadalajara, the Civil Guard in collaboration with the Delegation of Education, has distributed tablets and computers to students of an institute who lacked the computer resources to continue their training from home.

In Córdoba, the Civil Guard has transferred a respirator from the capital of this province to the Antequera hospital (Malaga). Likewise, they have proceeded to transfer medical material donated by an individual from the town of Santaella (Córdoba) to the Reina Sofía Hospital in Córdoba.

It is Asturias, the citizen security patrols are the ones that distribute the medicines to the older neighbors. Municipalities such as Salinas, San Martín del Rey Aurelio, Laviana, Siero and Noreña have the support of the Civil Guard in the distribution of pharmaceutical products.

In Granada, the Salobreña citizen security patrol has brought food products to people who live in an isolated farmhouse on the Granada coast.

In Alicante, a patrol of the Civil Guard of Traffic of Villena, distributed in the General University Hospital of Elda, as well as in various centers for the elderly in Villena, Elda and Petrer, various sanitary material (masks, gowns and caps) from the Albacete town of Montealegre del Castillo. This material is the result of the solidarity initiative of upholstery entrepreneurs, who promoted its preparation, and whose City Council went to the Civil Guard in view of the need to make an immediate distribution.

Major Security Plan

On the other hand, the Civil Guard intensifies its Greater Security Plan. This Plan is aimed at preventing and improving the security of our elders, and detecting threats to their security. Through it, communication and collaboration mechanisms are established with the environment of the elderly to offer them technical assistance and support.

Likewise, through this plan, communication and collaboration channels are established with those organizations and entities involved in the safety of our elders.


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