The Civil Guard receives the Judicial Independence Award in Santander

The General of the Division Francisco Esteban, Chief of the Cabinet of the Director General has collected in Santander the Judicial Independence Award granted to the Civil Guard by the Association of Judges Francisco de Vitoria (AJFV).

In his speech thanking the AJFV, General Esteban has defined the Civil Guard as "unconditional guarantor of the permanence and strengthening of the independence of the judiciary." An independence "as essential as inalienable" that is felt in the "loyal execution" of the judicial decisions and in the "close collaboration" in the investigations.
This award pays tribute to the Civil Guard for its 175th anniversary, and recognizes the work of all civil guards who help judges daily, especially those who are stationed in rural areas and municipalities with smaller populations.
In this sense, General Esteban has assured that the Civil Guard will continue to be “intimately linked” to the rural environment and be “an essential and backbone element” of the State that guarantees that the provision of public services is adequate in the “empty Spain”.
The Honorary Committee of the AJFV has highlighted “the discreet, commendable and essential work” that these agents perform daily, and has thanked that the judges have in the men and women of the Civil Guard “their best allies to do Justice in each corner of Spain ”.
The act took place this Friday during the general assembly in which this association has renewed its address before more than 350 judges.
For more information, you can contact the Civil Guard Press Office at 91 514 60 10.


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