The Civil Guard recovers a stolen luxury pleasure boat in the Port of Palma de Mallorca

There are eight people arrested / investigated and searches have been made at a home, a company and another vessel

It is valued at 3,500,000 euros and had been stolen last April

The Civil Guard, in the framework of the Tekne operation, has recovered a yacht valued at 3,500,000 euros, which had been stolen in the Port of Palma de Mallorca.

The vessel was stolen at the beginning of April and the researchers activated the international cooperation systems, within the framework of Europol and Interpol, and detected the vessel, first in the Port of Corinth (Greece) and later in the Port of Güllük (Turkey).
After informing the Turkish authorities that the stolen vessel could be found in its jurisdictional waters, the vessel was approached and four people were arrested, three of Turkish origin and another of Russian nationality, who were on board in that moment.
The detainees carried falsified documentation and had already made the change of name, registration and new flagging of the vessel, which made it difficult to identify by the Turkish authorities.
After its arrival at the Port of Palma de Mallorca, it was inspected by the researchers, who located various incriminating vestiges, as well as numerous damages inside, since they had been torn off part of the electrical and location systems, and missing nautical material valued at more of 20,000 euros.
A home registration was carried out in Andratx, a registration in a nautical company located in Calvia and the registration of another luxury vessel in the Port of Palma de Mallorca, and three other people were arrested / investigated in the Island of Mallorca of Spanish nationalities, German and Portuguese, as well as a fourth in Torrevieja (Alicante), of Hungarian nationality.
The records involved various documents, computers, hard drives, mobile phones, several white weapons and even two drones, which could be used to select and study the boats thoroughly before being stolen.
This group would be dedicated to marking luxury vessels from different ports of the Balearic archipelago and offering them to various customers for a price much lower than the market, but always exceeding several million euros.
The recovery of this luxury vessel adds to others made by the Civil Guard of the Balearic Islands in the last two years, among which the recovery of another luxury yacht, valued at several million euros and which was located in Tunisia and a sailboat located in waters of the Balearic archipelago, coming from Algerian waters.
In all cases, international cooperation, Europol in the European field and Interpol in the international field has been essential, as well as contacts with the interior attachments of the different embassies of the Mediterranean arch.
The investigation remains open and no new arrests are ruled out.


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