The Civil Guard reinforces the Major Security Plan with the collaboration of the Official College of Pharmacists of Madrid

The procedure agreed between both institutions highlights the importance of the pharmacist in the alert and detection of crimes against the elderly

It is intended to avoid possible abuse, bank scams, scams or abusive practices whose victims belong mostly to this sector of the population

The Civil Guard and the Official College of Pharmacists of Madrid have signed this morning a collaborative operative procedure with the objective of strengthening the Major Security Plan in the demarcation of the Civil Guard. It is an operative procedure that highlights the figure of the pharmacist when detecting possible victims of crimes among the older population.

The act has been chaired by the Operations Command, Lieutenant General Fernando Santafé and the procedure has been signed by the Brigadier General, Head of the Madrid Zone, José Antonio Berrocal and by the President of the Official College of Pharmacists of Madrid, Luis Gonzalez The document establishes the commitment between the two institutions to "prevent, mitigate and combat" the possible threats against the safety of the elderly.
Specifically, the agreement seals three axes of collaboration: specific preventive information aimed at older people from pharmacy professionals, training and technical assistance by Civil Guard to pharmacists and the improvement of the police response supported by the Pharmacist figure.
The approved procedure seeks an early detection of the most common crimes among this sector of the population such as abuse, bank scams or scams linked to the provision of services such as gas or electricity. They are also often victims of abusive practices such as small thefts and family thefts or caregivers in their care.
This collaboration is part of Instruction 1/2014 of the Secretary of State for Security, to give continuity to the “Major Security Plan”, aimed at the prevention and improvement of the safety of our elders.


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