The Civil Guard renews 26% of the two-color vehicle fleet in the Canary Islands

The General Director, María Gámez, has presented these new vehicles in the Civil Guard Zone in the Canary Islands

It consists of 97 new vehicles, 46 passenger cars, 45 all-roads and 6 SUVs that represent an investment of 2.65 million euros

The general director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, presented this morning the 97 new police vehicles that have been awarded to the Canary Islands. It consists of 46 cars, 45 all roads and 6 SUVs that represent an investment of 2.65 million euros.

María Gámez has begun her intervention highlighting that these vehicles will be distributed among 50 units (26 from Tenerife and 24 from Las Palmas) in order to optimally cover operational needs. Specifically, 46 vehicles will be used for the Tenerife Command and 51 for Las Palmas. With this, 26% of the two-color vehicles and between 13 and 14 percent of the total vehicles will be renewed in both Comandancias.

It is, as the general director has pointed out, the largest acquisition of vehicles in a single year for the Canary Islands in the last decade.

On the other hand, it has indicated that the Civil Guard is committed to public services, which are necessary to serve the population where they live. For this, it is essential to take care of the material means and human resources that are available, because “good attention to both staff and the material resources that they need to carry out their work, affects the daily service to citizens. And we want this to be the best possible ”.

Material resources

With regard to material resources, he stressed that the renewal of the fleet is a priority for the General Directorate of the Civil Guard because "we are aware of the needs that exist and we are making an effort to undertake this renewal progressively". As a sample, he has ensured that during 2021 the purchase of more than 1,000 vehicles is planned, highlighting the 22 that have recently been received in Melilla, as well as the 17 that are about to arrive in Ceuta.

In addition to these vehicles, María Gámez has indicated that the proceedings have already been initiated for the acquisition this year of almost 900 more vehicles for an amount of almost 28 million euros.

Human Resources

With regard to human resources, Gámez has assured that “this Government has made an effort, in a very complicated year, to culminate with the salary equalization process that was approved in March 2018, which has been fully effective since the past November and that has meant an average salary increase of 21.5% for the scale of corporals and guards; 17.3% for NCOs; and 13.4% for the officer scale ”.

He also recalled that the last call for access to the Scale of Cabos and Guards – that of 2020 – approved a total of 2,154 new places for the Civil Guard, which means a replacement rate of 115% (plus an additional 15% ) and a figure, "which we want to maintain in the coming years, which will allow us to gradually alleviate the loss of personnel caused by the economic crisis."

For more information, you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard Command of Santa Cruz de Tenerife at 922 648 500 ext 218.


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