The Civil Guard rescues a man who was drowning in the port of Barcelona

The aid was a serious risk for the Maritime Service civil guards who had to launch into the sea, since the victim presented an important altered state of consciousness that prevented his rescue safely

Last Friday, agents of the Provincial Maritime Service of the Civil Guard of Barcelona, ​​rescued a man who was at sea with imminent risk of drowning about 50 meters from the World Trade Center of the Port of Barcelona.

The action was carried out, when agents of the crew of the patrol boat "Tordera River" of the Provincial Maritime Service of the Civil Guard who was carrying out inspection tasks of recreational boats in the area, realized that there was a person at sea, by what they went to him to throw a lifeguard to believe that he could have suffered an accident.

During the rescue work, this person, a 26-year-old Russian citizen, far from collaborating in the rescue, used the lifeline to wrap it around his neck and try to drown; Faced with this situation of obvious risk to his life, it was necessary that two of the patrol agents threw themselves into the water to try to save him.

After a few minutes of tension and danger for both this person and the agents, the civil guards got him to depose his attitude and get him aboard the boat, not without difficulties due to the victim's own altered state as well as the darkness and sea ​​conditions.

Once at the port he was treated by the medical staff and taken to the hospital where the medical services found that he had not suffered any damage and that his health was good.

The day after the rescue, the citizen himself said that he had been on vacation for several days in Barcelona and that after using narcotic substances, he felt the need to end his life, so he decided to jump into the sea in the same port.

For more information, please contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard of Barcelona, ​​telephone 93 476 60 91.


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