The Civil Guard rescues five young people who had been lost in the Sierra de Córdoba

The agents located the five young people (3 of them minors) in good condition, in a very steep, hard-to-reach, closed forest area

The Civil Guard has rescued five young people, three of them minors who had been lost in the Sierra de Córdoba. The agents located these five people in good condition in an area of ​​closed forest, very abrupt and difficult to access.

The events occurred when the Civil Guard learned through a phone call received at the Central Operativa de Servicios (COS) that a group of five young people, including two minors, had gone out on a bicycle and they had lost in the Córdoba mountains, in a mountainous area, close to the Virgen de Linares Sanctuary, with difficult access and abrupt orography.

Immediately, the C.O.S. At the same time as it passed the notice to the patrols on duty in the area, it reported the fact to the Local Police and the National Police Force, who also traveled to the area to start the search.
Subsequently, a Civil Guard patrol managed to contact these people, through the WhatsApp application, sending them their location, in an area of ​​closed forest, located next to the stream of Arroyo Rabanales, accessible only on foot.
Given this, the Civil Guards moved to the Virgen de Linares Sanctuary, and from this place they entered on foot, cross country, approximately five kilometers through the undergrowth, crossing even some five hundred meters above the bed of the Rabanales stream and along a road stony and narrow by the stream.
However, when the agents arrived at the place they had provided through WhatsApp, the young people were not there, following the civil guards through a firewall to reach a position that allowed them to better dominate the area, and in this way be able to hear voices or See the lights of these people's bicycles, which were located moments later by the civil guards in good general condition.
Once located, the way back began, to the place where the official vehicle had been parked, which they arrived at already at 03:30 in the morning, several of the parents of the young assistants who found their thanks to the Civil Guard for the rescue carried out, aware of its difficulty and risk.
Later, the agents moved to the place where the rescue was carried out, managing to recover the bicycles that the young people had to abandon in that place, which have already been delivered to them.
The Civil Guard recalls the obligation to observe the measures for the practice of sport during the state of alarm.


The Civil Guard recommends downloading the AlertCops Application to communicate quickly, free and accurately with the State Security Forces and Bodies in case of emergency. People with hearing or oral communication difficulties can also use it.
This app is used to:
Report a criminal act, notify the security forces of the police forces, receive notices and alerts of interest in the field of citizen security. In the case of reporting criminal acts or unlawful conduct, the app guarantees the anonymity of the complainants. Likewise, the app allows you to receive warning messages on your mobile when you are in an area affected by incidents.
In addition, during the state of alarm, an “SOS” button has been implemented to guarantee immediate attention to victims of gender-based violence and health personnel in the event of possible aggressions in the exercise of their functions.
To confirm or extend information, you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard of Córdoba, telephone 957 414111, ext. 2222.


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