The Civil Guard saves the lives of 41 dogs in a serious state of abandonment with symptoms of cachexia and dehydration

The electronic complaint of ANAS (National Association of Animals) has allowed its rapid rescue

29 of them needed to receive serum to save their lives

The Civil Guard investigates a woman for an alleged crime of animal abuse against 41 dogs committed in Quintanar de la Orden (Toledo) after an electronic complaint sent by ANAS to SEPRONA, in which she communicated the state of abandonment suffered by a large number of animals on a farm in that town. Thanks to this information, it has been possible to save the lives of 41 dogs that showed serious symptoms of malnutrition, organic deterioration, physical weakness and dehydration.

When SEPRONA traveled to the farm, he was able to confirm that a couple with 41 dogs resided in the place in terrible hygienic sanitary conditions, without the corresponding identification microchips and without the mandatory documentation for their possession and sanitary control.

Most of the animals presented cachexia and dehydration due to lack of food and water, for which 29 of them received serum after being operated on by SEPRONA. For their complete physical recovery, they have had the collaboration of the protectors ANAS, ALBA, APAP Alcalá, PROA and El Campito-Salvando Peludos, who took care of the 41 dogs.
Subsequently, the Civil Guard has taken a demonstration of the woman responsible for the care of the animals for an alleged crime of animal abuse.
The proceedings have been made available to the Court of First Instance and Instruction of Guard of Quintanar de la Orden.
The Civil Guard thanks the citizens and the animal protection associations for their collaboration in the fight against animal abuse and recalls that the 062 emergency telephone number is available 24 hours a day. Likewise, the existence of the free mobile application ALERTCOPS is reminded so that, in case of any eventuality, they can contact the State Security Forces and Corps.


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