The Civil Guard searches about 69,000 masks and more than 5,000 glasses and gloves

Most of the interventions have been carried out at airports, such as Barajas, Gran Canaria or Santiago de Compostela

In Zaragoza, a company intended to auction medical equipment over the internet

In Gijón, more than 7,000 masks have been found in a container from Ecuador

The Civil Guard has requisitioned a total of 68,913 masks, 5,053 glasses and 5,816 gloves that will be immediately made available to the health authorities.

Most of these searches have taken place at Spanish airports such as Barajas, Gran Canaria or Santiago de Compostela. The most important has taken place in Madrid, where 44,000 masks have been seized.

Other of the most outstanding performances has taken place in Gran Canaria. As a result of the inspections carried out on the goods arriving at the airport, the agents discovered 22 packages that each contained 500 surgical masks, the total amount being 11,000.
In addition, at the Labacolla airport in Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña), a total of 5,410 masks have been seized.

Frustrated auction

In Zuera (Zaragoza), the Civil Guard has paralyzed an auction of masks that was to be held silently between today and tomorrow via the internet. In the registration to the company involved, the researchers have found a total of 1,132 masks.

Also by sea

On the other hand, the Civil Guard has found in a container in the port of Musel (Gijón) 7,936 masks of which 188 are surgical, 2,065 protective glasses, 5,116 gloves and 247 disposable divers, among other medical equipment. The merchandise came from Ecuador.


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