The Civil Guard seizes 30,000 counterfeit toys in five wholesale centers in Murcia

Five people have been investigated as alleged perpetrators of a crime against industrial property

In one of the warehouses, a workshop where they assembled toys in bulk in shells with identical characteristics to the originals has been dismantled

The value of what was defrauded is around 100,000 euros

The Civil Guard has intervened 30,000 counterfeit toys in an operation against their illegal trade carried out in five wholesale centers in Beniaján (Murcia).

Five people have been investigated as alleged perpetrators of a crime against industrial property.

The investigation began when specialists from the Fiscal and Borders Unit of the Civil Guard of Lorca detected the sale of counterfeit toys in small businesses in Murcia. The agents found out that they had been acquired in bazaar-type establishments, wholesale, on the outskirts of the Murcian capital.

The inquiries carried out made it possible to locate five wholesale stores for bazaar products in Beniaján and in the district of Los Dolores, run by foreign citizens.

The Civil Guard has carried out the inspection of these five commercial premises where a total of 29,863 units of toys of different brands have been located and accounted for, which, in many cases, lacked the regulatory labeling. Some of them had characteristics that do not comply with the regulatory standards that govern their manufacture.

Dismantled a mount point

In one of these premises, the Civil Guard has located an assembly point for the same toys that were for sale in the trade. In this place, packaging such as boxes, plastic casings and blisters with identical characteristics to the originals have been found.

Bulk toy bags have also been found which, once placed in their boxes – silk-screened like the counterfeit brand – simulated with the utmost fidelity the authentic commercial brands.

In the same warehouse, the agents have found a cabin of about 30 square meters, -hidden behind large boxes-, with shelves full of counterfeit toys, ordered by brands and models, ready for sale.

The sale value of the 30,000 units of counterfeit toys seized exceeds 33,000 euros. Although, the economic damage caused to brands could be around 100,000 euros.

The investigations carried out have made it possible to identify the five managers of the establishments, who are accused of a crime against industrial property.

According to the investigation, these are counterfeit toys from third countries, outside the European Union. In addition, those investigated have not proven their lawful importation, so they could also have incurred in an infringement of the Organic Law, 12/1995, of December 12, on Retribution of Contraband.

The five people investigated, the toys apprehended and the proceedings carried out have been made available to the Examining Court number 1 of Murcia.


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