The Civil Guard seizes a gun store in Pontevedra

Intervened 84 firearms and 3,411 metal cartridges

Part of the deposit was hidden behind a sophisticated double bottom behind a bookshop

It is one of the largest arms seizures in Galicia in recent years

In the framework of the Iceberg operation, the Civil Guard has seized in Ponteareas (Pontevedra) a deposit composed of 84 firearms and 3,411 metal cartridges of different calibers. In addition, numerous cannons and key pieces have been intervened for the handling of weapons and the artisanal manufacture of ammunition. There is a person detained as an alleged perpetrator of the crimes of depositing weapons of war, illegal possession of prohibited weapons and storage of ammunition.

The Information Service of the Civil Guard detected in March that a neighbor of Ponteareas was acquiring through the Internet different parts and accessories for weapons that did not correspond to those legally owned. This person, who had a gun license as a sports shooter, was buying weapons of war.

Researchers found a week ago a high number of illegal firearms hidden in a large farm that the detainee frequented in the parish of Pias in the municipality of Ponteareas (Pontevedra).

Some of the weapons seized were in a large safe hidden behind a sophisticated double bottom behind a bookstore. While most of them were hidden in the garage of the farm. To locate them, the performance of a dog specializing in the detection of weapons of the Cytological Service of the Civil Guard was decisive.

Of the 84 firearms intervened, they stand out for their special danger 10 of them considered as war: three submachine guns, three assault rifles, two machine guns, a machine gun and a machine gun.

These weapons have the capacity to make automatic fire-bursts-and their illegal possession poses a maximum risk to citizen security. It is also remarkable the number of short weapons seized – 32 pistols and 34 revolvers – that given their small size and ease of concealment are the most demanded and used weapons by criminals.

Some of the weapons had their serial numbers deleted or altered, so the investigation is still open to find out the origin of them. It is not excluded that they came from robberies or that they could have been introduced illegally in our country.

Seized effects:

  • 10 weapons of war (three submachine guns, three assault rifles, two machine guns, a machine gun and a machine gun).
  • 66 short weapons (32 pistols and 34 revolvers).
  • 7 long weapons (three shotguns, two rifles, one carabiner and one rifle).
  • 3,411 metal cartridges of different calibers.
  • Gunpowder, pods, projectiles, pistons and a recharge machine for the artisanal and illegal manufacture of ammunition.
  • 52 loose cannons, 47 loaders of all kinds of weapons and numerous fundamental pieces (frames, slides, revolver drums and bolts), accessories, tools and piecer for the manipulation and rehabilitation of firearms.
  • Two bast canes.

This operation is part of the Comprehensive Plan for the Control of Firearms (PICAF) of the Civil Guard. The Information Service has been making a constant effort to detect and neutralize the new procedures and channels for the illegal distribution of firearms that are appearing. The purpose is to prevent them from being diverted to criminal or terrorist groups.

The present investigation has been developed jointly by the Information Headquarters (UCE3) and the Information Group of the Commandery of Pontevedra, with the support of the Madrid Cynological Service and the Weapons Intervention of said Comandancia. The dilegencies are directed by the Court of Instruction number 2 of Ponteareas (Pontevedra).


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