The Civil Guard starts the safety device of the Cycling Tour of Spain 2019

The fundamental task of the 131 civil guards that make up this special device is to provide security, mobility and support to both the Vuelta corridors and the organization, in addition to guaranteeing road safety to other users affected by the event

In the afternoon of yesterday, in the town of Torrevieja (Alicante), the Civil Guard Unit was presented that will accompany and give protection to the Cycling Tour of Spain 2019.

The so-called Mobility and Road Safety Unit (UMSV) of the Civil Guard, made up of a total of 131 troops, is made up of a total of 131 personnel, composed of personnel from the Traffic Association, the Reserve and Security Group ( ARS), of the Air Service, Transmission and Motoring Service.
The main task of this unit is to provide security and mobility to the runners of the Tour, organization vehicles, support and advertising caravan, as well as guarantee road safety to the rest of users affected by the development of the sporting event.
To carry out this work, the Mobile Road Safety Unit travels 1 helicopter, 60 motorcycles, 10 all-terrain vehicles, 6 minivans, 1 workshop van, 4 vans, 2 buses, 1 tanker truck and 1 tourism.
In addition, this device will be joined in each province through which the Vuelta passes, citizen security officers, Traffic Subsector and other specialties of the affected Commandments.


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