The Civil Guard supports the transport of material for transplants

The transport of peripheral blood from Amsterdam and London for transplants in Valencia and Malaga has been accompanied

The Civil Guard has provided support for the transport and delivery of hematopoietic parents of non-family donors through the Spanish airports of Valencia and Malaga.

Due to the difficulties of international transfers due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the logistical complications for the delivery of collections from non-family donors, an extraordinary procedure of delivery of this type has been established by the National Transplant Organization of the Ministry of Health. of products in Spanish airports.

As a result of the communication from the National Transplant Organization, the Civil Guard has accompanied and provided support for the transport and delivery of peripheral blood for transplantation, from Amsterdam, to the Valencia airport. Likewise, support has been provided for the transport of lymphocytes from the United Kingdom, originating in London and destined for the Regional University Hospital of Malaga. The delivery and collection has been carried out guaranteeing the follow-up of the usual procedures.


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