The Civil Guard surprises a boat fishing with illegal gear on the coasts of the island of La Gomera

The agents were suspicious of the boat and therefore made a tracking device

2 large fish traps, 5 shrimp traps, 3 buffaloes and 65 kg of fish have been seized

Agents of the Civil Guard belonging to the Nature Protection Service (SEPRONA) of the island of La Gomera, in a joint operation with the Provincial Maritime Service of the Civil Guard and Fisheries Inspection of the Canary Islands Government, carried out a monitoring device to a boat suspected of being found fishing with illegal gear off the coast of the island of La Gomera.

Civil Guard officers observed how a boat was lifting fish and shrimp pots in the southern part of the island. Given the suspicion of being fishing with illegal gear, as soon as the boat reached the Port of Playa Santiago, a fishing inspection was carried out, requiring it so that, in the company of the agents, it proceeded to collect the illegal gear that had set in the gomera coast.
As a result of the device, 2 fish pots were intervened (prohibited gear on the coasts of the island of La Gomera), 5 shrimp pots (made of plastic material), 65 kilos of fish and 3 bucios (prohibited species). The intervened fish was delivered to several Senior Centers on the Colombian island.
The Civil Guard agents made the corresponding complaints for various infractions of the current regulations on Fishing and Merchant Marine. It should be noted that last February an illegal fishing pot was found between the beach of La Rajita and La Dama, south of the island of La Gomera, with 288 kg of fish inside, found about 100 meters deep with a locating buoy. Since then, the Civil Guard agents have not stopped carrying out surveillance devices since, they suspected that more pots could be found, as it has been, there are indications that the people involved are the same in both cases.
The use of this type of fish pots in the neighboring waters of La Gomera is prohibited in accordance with the provisions of article 13 of Order AAA / 2536/2015 of November 30, which regulates fishing gear and modalities. maritime. It is classified as a serious infraction in the State's Maritime Fisheries Law, and can carry penalties ranging from 601 to 60,000 euros.
For any clarification you can contact the Press Office of the Commandery of the Civil Guard of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, contact phone 696943009 or 922671652.


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