The Civil Guard surprises a company by pouring waste from a raft of contaminated water

The situation of limitation of movements decreed by the state of alarm and the assumption of this company that there was little surveillance, made them think that they would get rid of the waste with impunity

The Civil Guard has surprised a company of fertilizers and fertilizers, located in the municipality of Coria del Río (Seville), dumping waste from a raft of contaminated water. Said company took advantage of the current situation decreed by the state of alarms, and assuming that there was little police surveillance, to empty the raft of accumulation of contaminated water as a result of its activity.

Due to the last rains and the possibility of upcoming precipitation, the Nature Protection Service (SEPRONA), in addition to the services entrusted by the current alert situation by COVID-19, do not stop supervising the protection of our resources. natural, so they surprised a company related to agriculture, which mixed in a raft the rainwater fallen these days, with company waste accumulated in recent months, through a manhole.
The Civil Guard has been able to verify that some companies with accumulation of untreated wastewater take advantage of the circulation of rainwater through the rain gutters, channels and irrigation channels to mix their waste with them, thus trying to avoid being located while committing this serious environmental crime that can affect public health.
For this reason, and despite the inactivity of most companies and the slowdown in administrative activity due to the COVID-19 crisis, SEPRONA has continued to carry out the corresponding sampling of water, which was delivered for analysis in an official laboratory. , to determine its possible toxicity and incidence in the natural environment.
The aforementioned company will be administratively expedited. In the case of demonstrating the existence of a serious risk to natural resources, the file would be processed at the Office of the Prosecutor for the Environment, Urban Planning and Historical Heritage of Seville.


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