The Civil Guard surprises a neighbor by making a barbecue in the middle of the street and investigates another for animal abuse

A neighbor of Torre Pacheco has been denounced for having a barbecue on public roads

The Civil Guard of Murcia, within the framework of the devices established to comply with Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14, declaring the state of alarm for the management of the health crisis situation caused by COVID -19, has detected and reported a neighbor of Torre Pacheco for having a barbecue on public roads. Also in the Murcia region, the Civil Guard investigates a neighbor for animal abuse of a horse.

Barbecue in the middle of the street

In the Pachequera district of Lo Ferro-Roldán, a Civil Guard patrol that provided a citizen security service detected that a person was having a barbecue in the middle of the street.
The civil guards identified the individual, who was on the public highway, in the vicinity of his home, preparing for a barbecue, an activity not authorized by the confinement decreed in Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14, by the one that declares the alarm status. After identification, the individual was denounced for disobedience, an infraction regulated in the Citizen Security Protection Law.

Animal abuse

Also in the Murcia region, in collaboration with the technical service of veterinarians of the Murcia City Council, the Civil Guard has carried out an investigation to clarify a case of animal abuse.
The investigation began when the Zoonosis Control Veterinary Technical Service of the Murcia City Council alerted the Civil Guard of a supposed case of abandonment of animals in the municipality. The Civil Guard activated the protocol established for these cases and mobilized the members of the Nature Protection Service (SEPRONA), who, together with the City Council technicians, inspected the place where the animals were in order to verify the facts.
Once there, a person was identified who allegedly owned a horse. It reported during the inspection that said animal did not have any type of documentation or identification, that it had been for a very short time and that it was a gift from a person who had supposedly died.
The specimen, about three years old, had evident symptoms of malnutrition (cachexia), poorly maintained coat and severely damaged hooves. In addition, a large amount of feces was found inside the shed where it was located.
Due to the high abandonment symptoms presented by the equine and being in danger due to the poor conditions in terms of animal welfare and hygiene in which it was, the Veterinary Technician Services of the City Council intervened and transferred it to the control center of Zoonosis of the same, for its recovery.
At the same time, the civil guards continued with the action and investigated the owner of the horse, who instructed him as an alleged perpetrator of a crime related to the protection of flora, fauna and domestic animals, for animal abandonment. This crime is punishable by three months and one day to one year in prison, and a special disqualification of one year and one day to three years for the exercise of the profession, trade or commerce that has to do with animals, as well as for its tenure.


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